s/s 05 teal work/office... WORK IS THE NEW CITY :D

  1. It's loooong overdue, I know :shame: but since I promised BooYah & esile (and everybody else who congratulated me on the other thread http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga/teal-office-on-ebay-27167.html), here it is.... I absolutely :heart: her :love:

    I'm usually a City girl, so this is a big step for me, but it was love at first sight (the work size, the teal color, and the soft smooshy s/s 05 leather). I'm posting pics of size comparison between the city & the work for those of you considering getting either one. The big difference is in terms of depth (the work fits a LOT more!). And I'm also throwing in a pic of the classique for size comparison.....

    (more pics soon)
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
  2. Beautiful teal color... Welcome to join the "Work" club:wlae:
  3. ahhh wowwwww!!! lovely!!!:love:
  4. It's beautiful, hatikuh! I think you may be right about it becoming the new City! That teal color is truly beautiful, too! :yes:
  5. Thanks Chloe, Amour, and Pupsterpurse! Here's more pics of me wearing it for comparison....

    edit: oops forgot to add, I'm short, 5'0" in case anybody's wondering. I don't think the work is too big for me (at least I hope not :shame: )
    compare1.jpg compare_teal1.jpg compare_red2.jpg compare_teal3.jpg compare_red3.jpg compare_teal2.jpg
  6. How tall are you, hatikuh? Your bags look great on you! I was afraid the work would be too big, but after seeing your pic(and Esile's), I am convinced that I may need to join your "club"! lol!
  7. ^ Thanks Pupsterpurse! I'm only 5'0" --- or 5'1" (not exactly sure LOL). Join the club!
  8. It looks sooo good on you! I think I will join! I may cancel my Blue Grey City and ask for a work instead. I hope they make it in the work size...
  9. It's so gorgeous on you!!!!! :love:
  10. I totally agree about the work being the new city. I'm a shorty too only 5'2" and I don't feel it's too big on me at all. When I wear it, it looks like a bigger city and love how it's more slouchy looking than the city.
  11. Your teal is gorgeous and it looks really great on you!! Congrats Hatikuh!
  12. you goooooooooooo girl, you're workin' that work bag :yahoo:...i think they're for any size girl :tender:...i'm only 5'2 & i think it's my favorite style!!!
  13. :yahoo: Yippee!!!!:yahoo:

    Hat- you are just as beautiful as your Bbags!!!! You look amazing sporting it! I hope to join the work club too!!!:yes: Enjoy your new work and all your other Bbags as well!!!:heart:
  14. WOW! It looks amazing on you! Damn now I'm tempted to get a work lol!