S/S 05 Leather vs F/W 05 Leather

  1. Just wondering if there are major differences bw the SS 05 leather and FW 05 leather.

    Everyone talks about how great the leather is from 05 but I'm looking at pics of 2 bags right now, one from SS and one from FW and the FW doesnt look nearly as nice. They're both black but the FW looks way shinier, less distressted not as thick or smooshy. I have 2 05 bags but both from SS so I dont know the diff.:shrugs:

    Any thoughts?
  2. Yes, there is a big difference between the F/W and the S/S bags. The S/S bags had thicker, more matte leather. The F/W bags were thinner and more shiny - but they were also silkier to the touch, IMO. I prefer the F/W leather because I prefer the thinner, glossier, silkier leather - but I know most people prefer the S/S stuff.