s/s 05 Bubblegum Pink city on eBay - ending soon!!!

  1. hatikuh, thanks for the heads up on this pretty bag! I hope someone here get it! It's a great deal from a lovely PFer!!!!!
  2. this is also in my watch list, but i just bought a pistachio city, and next week a brown first vintage from 2002... i can't afford this anymore :sad:
  3. ^ holy moly, where did you find a pistachio city???? You have to post pics for me to drool!!!!! :love:
  4. yes, seahorse, please do tell!!!!!
  5. I remember that thread! I'm so glad you're getting both...because that's what I voted for :graucho: lol And I loveee the photos you just put up! :love: I'm so jealous. If you're passing on the box...I'll take it :lol:
  6. back to topic - someone should buy this lovely pink bag. the price is great and bubblegum pink is a great versatile color IRL.
  7. whaaat?! no bids!!!! wow, that was a great deal guys!
  8. it was a great offer :sad:
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