s/s 05 black city

  1. I am currently on a hunt for a black city from s/s 2005 collection. I just love the way the leather is from that season. How much do these usually go for on ebay? I need to know how much I need to save in case one pops up :smile: Thanks in advance!!!
  2. I'd guesstimate $900.00- $1000.00
  3. i paid close to $1100 for mine but lately it seems that you can find them for less. the leather is gorgeous. good luck!
  4. I'd second that. And they do come up on Ebay regularly, or at least they have been for a few months.
  5. Bal Ny still have the s/s '05 black city in check with them
  6. Keodi, are you sure/serious?
  7. Do you know if they have a s/s 05 black work as well?
  8. Now this is exciting!!!! LOL
  9. that's what the SA's told me at BAL NY that they still have black bags froms/s 05 and s/s 06 they are trying to sell the ones with the old leather before bring ing in the more thicker matted leather.
  10. thanks a lot everyone!!!

  11. So, Balenciaga is really bring back thicker matted leather??? How exciting!
  12. Has anyone called about the s/s 05s? I'm surprised because there was this pretty long waitlist 1.5 years ago for these. I could see maybe a few f/w 05s but the s/s's had the very nice thick leather.
  13. to my understanding BalNY was trying to sell the last few f/w 05 and stock of s/s 06 black citys before they started to sell the f/w 06 black citys... I dont think they had s/s 05 or earlier black citys.
  14. I spoke with Daphne today and she thought they did still have black cities from 05, including s/s.
  15. good to know. i had asked her (or someone) awhile back and they said they didn't. maybe they got some new "old" ones in?