S/S 05 Apple Green City BIN 2179 or BO

  1. Wow.....over the 2k mark for this color? I would be surprised if it sold for this much.
  2. It is a beautiful bag, but ouch $$$$$$
  3. Gorgeous bag but the money is crazy. Goodluck to the bidders.
  4. Maybe I should sell my apple green city! LOL! Never!!
  5. OK- I think this is a wacky price too but whatever someone is willing to pay! I don't want to start something here but HOLY MOLY hold your apples tight for those of you that have them!:lol:
  6. hahaha... hold your apples tight! the BIN is crazy, but there is a BO option, which is why I posted it- I think by offering what you are willing to pay will give the seller a better idea of what price this bag the market thinks it's worth...
  7. ^^^true!
  8. :drool:
  9. OMG ... I LOOOOOVE this apple green :drool: :drool: :drool: ! Isn't it smooshy - yummy ?! :nuts: . . . and it's from a lovely PFer ;) :yes: - good luck with your sale 'M' :flowers: :love:
  10. Gorgeous!!! Good luck, Waterfalls, it is an amazing bag!
  11. Yes, gourgeous bag, but the price! And everybody thought the eggplant which sold a few days ago was too expensive! what about that?:wtf: :wtf: :wtf: Maybe she has put the BIN just in case someone is really a little bit crazy.
    I might do a BO too though.

    You lucky owners of apple greens hold it tight!
  12. Thanks pippop! ThaNKS FIRSTCLASS! =)
    i'm already "missing" the bag.. after all I went through to get it.. it hurts to have to think about letting it go.. =)
  13. waterfalls--why are you letting her go? she's absolutely gorgeous.
  14. waterfalls,
    I loved your listing copy! Very creative and fun to read! Good luck.