??s regarding let-trade

  1. So I was surfing their site tonight and found a bag they have for sale on the site & on ebay (for some weird reason the bag never showed up in any of my ebay searches).
    Anyways I sent them an email about 3 hours ago inquiring about the bag (confirming condition, etc.).
    How long does it typically take for them to reply?
    Can I ask for a discount? It's currently listed for around $340...what kind of discount would be appropriate to ask for?

    Thanks all!
  2. They should get back to you later tonight because of the time difference. I think it's VERY early in the morning in HK right now. They are usually pretty quick with replies.
  3. they're based in Hong Kong, so it's 9:26AM there right now. if you emailed them 3 hrs ago, it would have been about 6:30AM there. you would probably get an email within the next few hours, when it's a more godly hour for them there.
  4. They are in Hong Kong, so depending on the time difference, it may take a few hours. Generally, they seem to respond very quickly.

    I've never asked for a discount from let-trade, so I don't have any idea what they might accept.
  5. Thanks all!
    I thought I remembered people here asking them for a discount...anyone?? I don't want to insult them if they generally don't do this.
  6. You can ask for free shipping maybe?
  7. Thanks Irene...that would be a big savings (almost $30) and worth it then....I always hate buying from overseas because the shipping is so expensive!
  8. I usually try to negotiate a price - they are pretty flexible, especially with including shipping.
  9. Personally, I think Let-Trade's prices are more than reasonable. I could never ask for a cheaper price when the prices are already very low.
  10. the prices on their site already includes shipping whereas the prices on ebay are a couple dollars cheaper but you have to add shipping. they do this because if you purchase from their site they save the ebay fees.
  11. Thanks everlong....the one I'm looking at is listed on their site and on ebay. Both are the same price!
    I got a message back from them....and I'm going to inquire about the shipping.

    Thanks all!
  12. Just by inquiring about some pieces they offered me one price $10 less than what they showed including shipping and the other item with free shipping....Their prices are so good that by the time they throw in shipping it's usually an excellent deal, haven't bought anything from them yet because the right piece hasn't shown up yet......but I may in the future if the right discontinued piece shows up......
  13. I like buying off their website when possible, since the prices there include shipping and are often less than the prices listed on Ebay! ;)
  14. I just bought a bronz vernis thompson from their website, my first transaction and it couldn't have gone more smoothly. They were fast in responding (factoring in the time difference), and the bag got here in 2 days. The price I got for my bag was very very reasonable. I didn't ask for a discount when he told me the price listed included S&H already.
  15. Thanks again! Kind of weird...but the price listed on his website was higher than the ebay auction.....but nonetheless still a good price and a bag I keep missing out on!