S.o. So whos in for a mini nikki noir silver hw...

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  1. Old silver hardware that is!:okay:

    Of course we need 12 ladies so I hope over a month we can find some ladies that would love this bag!!!

    I am in, so who's with me???

    I didn't confirm lining but I would imagine it can be Black and white or blue/white striped lining.

  2. wish i had the funds for this :sad:
  3. I know! Me, too....
    Waiting for my Purple Mini Nikki to arrive to see how much I love her. If it is not love at first sight, I may be #2 on this list!
  4. It might be a long way off since we need to get 12!!!

    PRICE 575.00
  5. So if there's 12 people, they'll make more? I"ve been wanting a noir with silver hw. I'm not too fond of gold.
  6. I would love :yahoo: a mini Nikki noir with silver hardware. I'm not much a fan of goldtone.
  7. Are there any black leathers that are as soft and matte as the wine leather and not as hard and shiny as the noir? I have a bag in noir but I'm not a huge fan of the texture and finish.
  8. Sooo.....
    Are we going to go for the SO here???
  9. Pinkdlink, are you #2?
    Then I am #3!
    I would really want the black and white lining, though.
  10. I would love to have this bag if shipping fees werent that crazy to Spain (around 100 USD!) and a lower cost could be declared in the customs form.
  11. Are we ditching this one?
    ...too bad.....
  12. Can we try this again??? Who still wants this special order bag as badly as I do? I love the noir leather. I love mini Nikki. I love silver hardware. How Perfect will this bag be =)
  13. any possibility for silver siggy hw?
  14. A noir mini nikki sounds great, but noir requires 25 for a special order :s
  15. Well, What about black stonewashed leather. Just so it has silver hardware.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.