S.O.S. Questions for Double Classic Flap Owners

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  1. As the proud owner of a few brand-new jumbo classic flap handbags (chevron caviar + lambskin leather), I am struggling with the following and wonder if anyone might share some insight/suggestions/solutions:
    1) is there anyway to prevent the indentation that the little zipper on the top of the 1st flap ("for carrying 'love letters' ") makes into the top of the 2nd flap when carrying the handbag?
    Of course I immediately re-install the felt for protection once I am back home. But the "damage" is clearly done when actually "using" the handbag. (Leaving the felt in-place when out and about would appear extremely tacky and in some cases my felts come all the way down to the closure. Hence, not a good idea.)
    2) do you snap the 2nd flap?
    or do you just leave it leave it unsnapped and use the CC closure on the 1st flap to secure your handbag?
    3) lastly, do most store the chain straps inside the handbag?
    or do you wrap them up in tissue paper (similar) to how it is packaged when first purchased?
    Many, many THANKS in advance for your thoughtful assistance!✨✨✨
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  2. Thank you for asking these questions, Plumeria233! I'd like to know the answers as well!
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  3. Here's my input:
    1. No (and I hate this as I use but also baby my bags)
    2. No (I'm too lazy)
    3. No (you could stretch the flap where the chain is tucked in)

    Curious to hear from other Chanel enthusiasts :smile:
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  4. 1. No. However, I do put a tissue or piece of paper between the 2 flaps when I store mine to prevent more indentation during storage. But there is no way to completely avoid it when carrying your bags. They are bags and meant to be used. Nothing can be kept brand new flawless forever. Enjoy your classic flaps and don't worry too much about it.

    2. No.

    3. I leave the chain in the upper pouch of the dustbag. Once the dustbag is "closed?", it serves as a barrier between the chain and the top of the bag. Hopefully you understand what I'm talking about.
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  5. 3. I do the same :smile:
  6. 1. not really that i know of. however, I would say that even when i store my lambskin classic, though i stuff it, and put the felt between the middle flap and the zipper flap, i don't turn the turnlock shut (e.g., leave the flap "open" un-locked). this keeps the "pressure" off the zipper against the flaps while in storage and just sitting there. I don't see any reason why i need the flap closed while in storage.. so figure..

    2. nope - saw no reason to and no patience to do so. :lol:

    3. nope - i tuck my chain inside the "back pocket" of the dust bag and put it "behind" the "front pocket that holds the bag". no chain mark and faster to put them away. only use paper to keep inside the bag for shape and i am careful not to overstuff it. Been doing this for a year, no chain marks whatsoever.
    **See photo included at bottom of this post on what i mean, hard to describe**

    Also, the thread below had lots of discussion on this and I have posted some comments there too for both classic vs boy storage as well as recommendation on boxes I used to store them (convenience/easy access and to ensure the type of box has venting to allow leather to breath). You may find the recommendations helpful. there was even a custom made felt cover (with photos!) that one member created that is just Genius. I actually bought the material intending to make this custom felt pocket and thought I would use a Velcro strip to just close it (so i can just put the whole bag in the felt "pouch" and just Velcro it shut with the chain outside of the pouch - voila! no chain marks! but i got so lazy i never actually made it! i'm not handy... )


    hope this helps!
  7. I sincerely appreciate all your replies!! Understood on the chains and the dustbag. Check!

    Awesome link Vanana! I have skimmed this thread before but somehow missed the post with the felt "pattern". Cannot wait to see how that "prototype felt" works!! Amazing! Sounds like something for the TV show, Shark Tank, (lol) and a woman after my own heart! :heart:

    Ah, I love it!!! I, too, have been attempting to come-up with something that included Velcro, which then required sewing, which then...well... "idea" sort of flew out the window.

    I am ALL for respecting the traditional aspects and perpetuating the history of the Chanel classic double flap handbag. If I was not, I would have NEVER aquired 4(!), but sheesh(!!) I sure wish that "love letter" pocket evolved out of the design. That little zipper-pull is a thorn in my side, lol.:facepalm: (More so on the lambskin, however, and the lighter color the CF, the worse, I think.)

    Sending virtual {{{hugs}}} to all who have responded with such fantastic suggestions and also to those who share in my challenge / confusion / newbie-ness / etc etc. :smile:
  8. 1) No
    2) No
    3) see pic (idea posted by Dira and I thought it was genius so I've adopted the same way to store my flaps) ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468905807.172962.jpg
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  9. ✨✨S-P-E-E-C-H-L-E-S-S✨✨

    Girl! You NEVER disappoint! I especially love how the chain straps are hanging from the little hooks!

    (This literally reminds me of my tackroom at our local equestrian center when I was 12 years old; my father "built-it-out"; he nailed in all kinds of hooks for a hoof pick, a bridle...ah, the memories!)

    :yahoo:I :heart:LOVE:heart: IT!!:yahoo:
    Please, please, please tell me where I can purchase all the parts!!
    And no need for dustbags?
    Cheek **kiss** sweet sweet "ceedoan"!!!!
  10. ceedoan:
    Were these purchased from The Container Store?

    Would I have to use only the tall ones on the far left and far right for jumbo CFs ??