S.o.s.......please Help!!!

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    Does ANYONE know where I might buy one of these??? There is an all black one that I HAVE TO HAVE (it reminds me of my baby dog in my avatar)!! But I will settle for any one of the other colors if that's all that is available. Please PM me or let me know where I can get one of these little guys!!! :sos:
  2. mui2 ~ I JUST saw these last weekend at Prada in Manhasset, New York. Give them a call! I saw several... Good luck!
  3. Oh! And there WAS an all black... I was picking them up and looking at them myself!
  4. Prada in Chicago also has these though, to be honest, they look a little...ratty...in person.
  5. Minette - I can hardly wait till tomorrow so that I can give them a call!!

    Hebden - I don't mind a little ratty, I just think they are adorable. What city is your Prada store in, just in case the NY store is out of the black one.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! :woohoo:
  6. I actually liked them, Miu2... but then I got all distracted by the bags and clutches. :greengrin:

    Besides the black, I think I saw a red one, too.
  7. I have the Prada catalogue with these in it..Ill get the item number for u in the am
  8. Chicago, and they had quite a few...both in the large and small sizes. You may want to check out the European eCommerce area of Prada's website. You can see all the various styles/colors and get the ID numbers.
  9. I saw them in Chicago, but i thought they looked a bit odd, and not worth the money
  10. I would soooo appreciate it, Jill. Also, how can I get a Prada Catalogue?
  11. OMG, this is SOOO cute! :love:
  12. prada.com sells them haven't checked if they ship to US though, but they def ship to UK. If u scroll to the right hand side and see 'Gifts 2007' click on the link
  13. I just ordered the black and a white one with a red heart from the Prada store in Beverly Hill, CA!! Those were the only 2 colors they had left. Also met and spoke with a wonderful SA named Jenny who is going to be sending me pics of some of the bags they have that I might be interested in :yahoo:.
  14. wow, they're soooo cute!!! congrats on finding them!! :woohoo:
  15. i liek the black one...how much r they? does all boutiques have it? show us pics when u get them...