S.O.S. - Need some info girls!

  1. I get more help and info on this board than I do from the Chanel boutiques! :rant:

    Can anybody tell me where I can find the Large Diamond Stitch in Black? Thanks for any help :flowers:
  2. LOL! I just suggested in the other thread that you post this! How funny!
  3. LOL! Thank you Swanky. I hope someone can help me out :flowers:
  4. Okay, which one, a tote?
  5. Pelinaka, I am from NorCal also. Did you try Erica at NM Palo Alto, she is usually pretty good. Otherwise, try Elizabeth at Chanel Wynn in Las Vegas that is where I purchased my small Diamond Stitch tote the first week of August. They had just received a new shipment a week or two ago. Good Luck!
  6. Thank you Bellabags, I will check that out!

    Swanky, I want one just like this but in Black :graucho:
  7. Ok, I fixed the pic - sorry! :wtf:
  8. ahhh, can't blame you, that's a FAB bag!

  9. Try Houston Neiman Marcus. I was there this morning, and I think I might of seen this bag in black.
  10. Have you tried calling Shannon {My SA}? She can quickly tell you if any NM has it in the country and get it sent right out to you.
  11. Thanks so much georgie, swanky & bellabags! I am calling each one as I type :lol:
  12. I may have found one from Saks. It shows there are 3 in their system, and let's hope one is for me!!! Darn east and west coast time differences, I won't know til tomorrow :hysteric:
  13. Hi there,
    I just saw one at the Chanel in short hills mall, short hills nj. Please talk to paul and let him know stacy referred you! I went to try it on last night but decided I like the smaller one better for my frame. Let me know if you find it!!
  14. THANK YOU macp! How would you compare the Large DS size to say the Large Cambon tote?

    Update: Paul is off today and they just sold that last one this morning :crybaby:
  15. Oh I am so sorry I was too late for you!!