S.O.S. Is any gucci expert here. I need help!!!

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  1. I've just bought this gucci d ring bag some days ago but im not sure of its authentity. It would be nice if someone could help me. Pls...:worried:
    gucci d ring.jpg gucci d ring 2.jpg gucci dring 3.jpg gucci d ring 4.jpg
  2. where did you purchase it from??it seems authentic to me, but i'm not 100% sure about it...!
  3. Do you have pictures of the actual bag? I have a similar bag and the hardware and the gucci logo looks pretty good.
  4. Hi. It hasn't arrived yet. I think i will get it by tomorrow. Im going to take pictures and post them tomorrow, if i get the bag that is...
  5. not real -
  6. I am iffy about it, the inside tag length looks off. If I remember they should be wider.
  7. it looks authentic in the pic, but considering that the price is so low, who knows if that's really the bag you're getting..
    a few other members claimed that this sellers bags are fake, the seller said he's shipping from "a warehouse in china".
    sound a bit iffy to me, but who knows.
    wait for the bag, then take pics for us.
    other than that i recommend posting authenticity questions in our seller watch before bidding, not afterwards.
  8. After looking at the pictures you have provided, I think the bag is NOT AUTHENTIC for the following reasons: The stitching inconsistencies, The gold "rub off" Gucci on the outside leather, the tag is not the proper length and seems to be off centered, the pictures of the hardware are unclear but the logo looks "sloppy" for lack of a better term. Authentic Gucci products are exact, perfect, even, good quality materials and consistent. Did this bag come with any of the paperwork or dust bag? For your sake, I hope I am wrong! Good Luck!
  9. :nuts: Warehouse in China !?!?!??!?!

  10. :lolots: OMG! DUH! i totally saw that! but i totally forgot when i saw txmhargis's comment! my bad. lets pretend NONE of this happened:whistle:
  11. :ghi5:

    What thread? Who, where?: :hnsnsn:
  12. Closing this old thread from 2006. Also, please post all Gucci authenticity questions in the Authenticate This Gucci thread.

    Thank you!
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