S.O.S help me choose my next bag please!!!

  1. HI all
    So I have been trying to be good and stay away from the Chanel threads. I was back on the Bbags and was thinking of paying over retail for an older Bbag.

    Well I just happenend to click to Chanel tonight and now I'm soooooo confused.

    Every since I got my coco cabas in Aug. I have not looked or touched my Bbags. I just love my cabas!!!

    so I was lurking around the Bbag forums and looking for an eggplant something to buy because I really want a purple bag to go with my new camel jacket for the winter.

    Well....now I'm thinking, "if I'm going to pay over retail for a used Bbag I would rather have another Chanel instead"

    I was wondering if you all can help me with what styles come in that beautiful purple/violet please? I'm looking for a tote style or something big that i can carry in the crook of my arm.

    Also I have been :drool: over the photos of the baby cabas. I love the quilting at the bottom!!!!
    Anyone know if the blue is a navy or true blue? I'm hoping to find a bag in a color that will "pop".

    Also do you ladies think it is too much to have 2 caba style bags?

    TIA and sorry for such a long post:flowers: i just don't know what to do.
  2. ok
    I have made up my mind. I am on the hunt for the lambskin Jumbo Flap in violet! I'm calling my SA tomorrow.
  3. I was going to suggest a Jumbo Flap. Someone just got one in the purple, and it's gorgeous.
  4. I saw one at NM in Palo Alto last week. Ask for Linda in Chanel and tell her Stacey who was there last week says hello. Linda is a great SA!
  5. the blue on teh Cabas is more of a deep teal from what I understand.

    There's a lot of violet bags right now, the one you mentioned, it also comes in an E/W and there's always the new and very popular Lady Braid in violet, also the Rock Chic bag comes in Eggplant, it's HOT!
  6. The teal on the cabas is a beautiful color which will definitely stand out. It's called dark blue. There's also a navy, which is much darker. Good luck! :yes:
  7. The jumbo classic flap in violet would be great with your camel coat. And price is even more reasonable. The one in lambskin is more nicer.
  8. Thanks guys. I'm going to see my SA at the SF Chanel. I spoke with her today and she has some bags for me. yey!!!! I hope I love the jumbo flap.

    What is the Rock Chic bag? I'm going to do a search for it right now. :nuts:

    She also told me the baby cabas in the blue is like a worn in blue jean blue. I hope she has one for me to look at.
  9. I have to weigh in...I just got a jumbo flap and can't seem to get myself to carry any of my Bbags, or my Silverado...yikes..
  10. oh great news! Thanks Irishgal. My poor Bbags have not seen the light of day since I got my cabas in Aug, now i'm ready for another Chanel. Do you find the Jumbo to hold as much as the Twiggy?
  11. Yes, but in a better way, if that makes sense. I find the Bbags hold a lot, but I have to dig around to find stuff. The jumbo holds tons, but in an organized fashion, plus I can use one hand to open the clasp, open the flap, grab the wallet..so it is easier to get in and out of.

    By the way, everytime I see your avatar I start smiling, what is that little doggie doing..?
  12. I saw another member here with a picture of the lambskin jumbo in violet, it's so gorgeous! I hope you find one!
  13. Thanks for the info. That is very helpful. I know the Twiggy is about the smallest bag I can use for everyday.

    Bella hates wearing clothes. That was her tracksuit. When I put it on her she just fell over on the couch and laid there like she was dead till I took it off her LOL.
  14. xochrissie thanks for the luck. It was great talking to you today