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  1. Hi ladies! I need your help please. I recently found out that my beloved Chanel blonde cendre powder eyebrown pencil has been discontinued:shocked:
    I have been using this pencil for years as it is the perfect color for brows. I am asian with dark brown hair and this matches my brows perfectly and looks so natural. I was wondering if anyone else uses this brow pencil, it's the one with the slanted brush tip, and if so have you found a comparable alternative? I prefer the powder pencil as it is a breeze for me to apply. Please help if you know of any alternatives I need a color that looks just as natural.
    Thanks ladies.
  2. I've never tried the Chanel eyebrow pencil... I use this from Origins--I'm Asian. I LOVE it. It's really easy to use. It comes in two shades. And it's very reasonably priced. The colors look darker online--so I'd recommend stopping by an Origins counter or store.

    Origins Fill In The Blanks™ Eyebrow Enhancer - eyes - Nordstrom.com

    Good luck!

    Also--don't know if you're wanting or are trying to stock up, but it looks like it's still available on Nordstrom.com:

  3. Hi there, Im Asian too, and I use Shu Uemura's brow pencil..its great..
    hope that helps!
  4. I just bought one from Kiss My Face{?} at Norstroms. I had been forever faithful to my last product which was brow powder w/. a stiffish slanted brush.
    This is more like a pencil, even though I told the girl I DO NOT want to pencil on my brows! LOL!
    She told me to try it right there in the store and now they have a new customer. It comes w/ a stiffish mascara wand that really works it in and controls the brows as well.
    I'll try and remember to go get it in a bit and tell you exactly what it is.
  5. :flowers: Thanks ladies. I will try those out.
  6. Thanks wicked. I will def stock up until I can find a suitable replacement.:yes:
  7. Oooops, mine is Too Faced Brow-nie. . . I LOVE this!!!
  8. I use MAC... i find it great :smile:
    But it goes out sooo quickly....I've started brow pencils for maybe less than 1 year and gone through 10 pencils? yikes
  9. thanks ladies. lol yorelica, if you love it who cares right?:flowers:
  10. Mac also makes a Taupe pencil that is really great. The other one I SWEAR by is the Smashbox Brow powder duo.

    Also- My stepdaughter has auburn hair and she loves the Bare Minerals/Escentuals brow kit because they make one for auburn hair.
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