S/O Manhattan ?


Nov 22, 2006
I love Damier print as well... Have you already asked if LV does s/o in Damier for the Manhattan? I heard that they aren't doing s/o anymore for Damier Cabas Piano. I remember also seeing Damier Deauville in s/o which looked gorgeous! LV should just add more Damier pieces to their regular line of the classic Mono pieces!

I had s/o Damier Speedy 25 BEFORE LV added it to the regular line. The lining however is slightly a different color version than the regular Damier Speedys that they now have and now, of course, the Damier 25 is just a little bit cheaper than what I paid for it as a s/o... I also bought a Damier Speedy 30 when they came out in the regular line.