S/O Manhattan ?

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  1. What do you think of this bag in the Damier ?
  2. to tell you the truth, I love everything in damier.. I just love the print! its gorgeaus! (so im probably a little biased.. since if you showed me toilet paper in damier, i would definantely buy it haha)
  3. ohhh that would look hot...I love the daimer print and I love the Manhattan...it would be soo original as well....go for it
  4. I think it would look great, but maybe a little masculine on that bag?
  5. the manhattan gm would look great in damier print..but for the manhattan pm... it would look a lil masculine!!!

    I love the manhattan either way... its a great design!
  6. I love Damier print as well... Have you already asked if LV does s/o in Damier for the Manhattan? I heard that they aren't doing s/o anymore for Damier Cabas Piano. I remember also seeing Damier Deauville in s/o which looked gorgeous! LV should just add more Damier pieces to their regular line of the classic Mono pieces!

    I had s/o Damier Speedy 25 BEFORE LV added it to the regular line. The lining however is slightly a different color version than the regular Damier Speedys that they now have and now, of course, the Damier 25 is just a little bit cheaper than what I paid for it as a s/o... I also bought a Damier Speedy 30 when they came out in the regular line.
  7. Ok, does anyone recall how had their hubby photoshop those Mono bags? Maybe we could get him to photoshop the Manhattan GM..
  8. I think it would be awesome. (And pricey!)
  9. ^^ i'm sure you're right!
  10. I have Manhattan PM in mono but think it would look beutiful in Damier! Go for if and then share PICS!
  11. Ok, it was katie2222 that did the previous photoshop of the BH and it looked great.

    So i've sent her a pm to see if she would do the pm and gm :smile:

  12. LOL ..I am with you :roflmfao: love damier. For some reason everything seems much better in damier pattern..
  13. 2 words come to mind: crisp, clean

    I like it.