S.O.B.- Socially Offensive Behavior

  1. Anyone watch it? What do you think??? You will either find it really funny or really offensive.

    I am actually watching one of the episodes now. If it was me put in these situations, someone would be getting a smack down. I am just AMAZED at what some people would put up with. The whole time I kept wanting to say "Oh hell no!!! You idiot, do something, say SOMETHING!!!" ESPECIALLY the women in the nail salon. http://www.bet.com/NR/exeres/4696102C-615D-43B1-812D-5EB80E7BD26E.htm?

    This series tackles topics not suitable for mixed company and begs the question, “What would you do if…” It is the evolution of the hidden camera social experiment that pushes real people to the extreme in true life situations.

    S.O.B. takes an outrageous, contemporary and comedic look at stereotypes, racism, classism, religion, sexuality, clichés, politics, social mores, identity and cultures, all under the hidden camera microscope. Our ensemble cast of comedy actors engage unsuspecting, everyday people and challenge them to question their own habits, value systems and preconceived notions about society’s rules and hidden agendas.

    S.O.B. pops the emotional thought bubble and reveals what people really think about today’s hot-button social issues. It’s fun, outrageous, thought-provoking and un-politically correct.