S Monkey - Water Still Soaks In

  1. Just sprayed the vachetta of my new Cabas Piano - two light coats. I did a test spot of water on the bottom (so wouldn't be seen). The water beaded up briefly, rolled off...however, the spot is not discolored but is DULL.

    In other words, there is NO MORE SHEEN on the spot. Is this normal?

    Do I need to spray a THIRD coat?

  2. Did you let it dry thoroughly?

    I'm not understanding the "dull" thingy...maybe the water washed the spray off?? :shrugs:
  3. Yes, I let it dry outside (about 85 degrees today). The water did not leave a dark spot or any weird discoloration. But the leather remains DULL where the water once stood....the rest of the vachetta looks brand new.

    Is the water supposed to bead up and roll off like water on plastic? NO ABSORBTION at all?
  4. Well, that's what a fabric protector supposed to do! Cause water to form a bead and roll off...so the shining monkey is doing its job.
  5. karmen - Thanks for the reply. No, the water is STILL soaking in...I just tried another test spot on the bottom.

    Should I spray again for a third time?
  6. it's not completely going to roll of it's fine
  7. As long as the water doesn't soak and leave a permanent mark the protector is still doing its job. The only time you'll have the water roll off completely without absorption is if you cover the vachetta with a plastic material!
  8. ^IA. SM is to prevent the water from soaking in on immediate contact so you can quickly wick it away with a cloth. It's not meant to be "water proof" for submersion. Letting it dry overnight or 24 hours is recommended though.
  9. Thats kind of cool!

    ...sorry for my irrelevant 2 cents, :p
  10. ^^^ITA as I have never used this product and wasn't totally in the know as to how it worked!