?'s : Luxe. Ligne Flap & Med., Lrg. Bowler

  1. A few wks. ago when I went to Chanel and asked the SA about the black bowler she told me they were sold out. Is this true?? Perhaps NM, Saks?? They only made 'em in metallic black right? Or is there also just plain black?

    Are the Luxe. Ligne Flap bags in black sold out also??

    I already ck'd out all the nice pics on both these bags in the Reference Library and noticed some prices. But have the prices gone up since they've been posted? Anyone have current prices for these bags?? The bowler in metallic black med. and large sizes....and the Ligne Flap also in met. black? Dimensions, if possible??

    Thanks alot!!!!!:yes:
  2. Metallic black for the medium bowler was from the spring season and the plain matte black for the bowler is for the fall season. I believe they did sell out of the plain matte black because I was on a mad hunt for it recently. BUT I hear from NM that they are receiving more in shortly. The price for that is $2160. This is the medium size, not sure about the other sizes. The flap bag in metallic black should still be available and that sells for $2225.
  3. Thank you so much for your help!!:flowers: Very helpful!!:yes:
  4. Try Saks in Bala Cynwyd, PA. They had a metallic black bowler a few weeks ago. I think they also had a flap, too.
  5. The Spring season last year also had matte black.
    The matte will be slightly harder to take care of.
  6. Swanky how much can you hold in your flap?
  7. Metallic goatskin bowlers and flaps were from Spring. They also had matte black, rouge and coral. The metallic goatskin bowlers were available in black, silver and gold. Medium bowlers retailed for $2,160, and the flap (only available in medium in the US) retailed for $2,225. Matte was the same price as metallic.

    Metallic deerskin bowlers were available in bronze and black for fall. Price was the same as goatskin. Medium = $2,160
  8. Thanks alot Smoothoprter! ;)