S/I buy the Cerf bag or the Chanel Grand Shopper Tote?

  1. Hello Chanel Fans...

    Now...I can only buy 1 bag for myself for the holidays...I do carry alot of things and have 1 big organizer...apprx. 4 x 6 size.
    So... so fit my things in there...which bag should I get? I want a bag that is durable.

    Thank you!!:yes:
  2. I like them both, but I think I'd get the cerf if I had to make a choice right now :yes:
  3. cerf!
  4. I have 2 Cerf Tote's and love them! I use them more than any of my other bags so Cerf gets my vote!
  5. Thank you everyone for helping me out here!!!
    I do carry alot of stuff. Oh!! Can people still tell its a Chanel bag on the Cerf?
    Again!! Thank you!!!!! :yes:
  6. I thought I was going to get the Cerf but I ended up preferring the GST. Both bags are great. I still want a Cerf!!! I think the Cerf is a little more durable. You can get the Cerf with the CC closure which is very pretty.
  7. Well not to go against the grain- but I LOVE my GST and vote for it! :tup::tup:
  8. Tote.
  9. GST! It seems like you want something that says "Classic chanel". To me, nothing says chanel like leather quilting, intertwined chain and leather handles and the oversized CC logo. I love mine, its a classic.
    However, if you want something more simple and more understated than the GST, then you'll probably like the Cerf better.
  10. I have both but love the Cerf even more, make sure you get the one with the detachable long strap.....I actually like the one with the cc's better than the one with the mademoiselle clasp.:heart:
  11. I think you need to try them on. Can you do that?
    I love the way the Cerf looks, but it's not me when I try it on.:shrugs:
  12. I think it depends on your style. I love both but I would get the Cerf over the GST if it came right down to it. If you want a bag that is undeniably Chanel, then def go w/ the GST.
  13. CERF!

    I bought both and returned the GST. It is too boxy for me. I love the shape of the Cerf and how it carries.

    Good luck with your decision!
  14. I own both and find the GST to be everything Chanel is known for: quilted leather with embossed CC logo and intertwined leather/chain handles. Although it is more boxy than the Cerf, it is a better fit on the shoulder.

    The Cerf is more understated Chanel and better served as a forearm carried bag due to the shorter shoulder drop. I always feel classy carrying the Cerf no matter what I'm wearing. I love the leather, how it softly drapes unlike the GST, which is more stiff.
  15. If you carry a lot, go for Cerf. It's super durable.