?'s for owners of White Katelyn Sneakers

  1. I am planning to buy the White and Khaki katelyns with PCE. What I'm wondering is are they really hard to take care of? I know its white and white shoes are always hard to take care of regardless but I just would like to know if they are pretty easy to clean. Especially the suede part, which is on the tip i believe. Did your shoes get dirty quick after wearing it just a few days? Have you use the coach cleaners on your shoes and did they work? Any info would be helpful. I wanted the all black ones but they only have the black and white which I really dislike. TIA!
  2. Anyone?
  3. well...my shoes are dirty, but really i don't care right now because i don't wear them because of the weather.

    but i wore them pretty much all spring/summer and they didn't get that dirty but on the back there were some stains from my jeans.

    i plan on cleaning them with a suede brush/cleaner.
  4. Sorry, I haven't worn mine yet as I'm saving them for the Spring/Summer season. I'm sure that the Coach suede brush/cleaner set should do the trick though. Also, a local shoe cobbler/repair shop should be able to clean the shoes for you as well.
  5. i think i have them but want to return them because i feel like they are going to get dirty as well.
  6. I've worn mine quite a bit and they look fine. In fact I wore them in Vegas for two solid days after I bought them. They still look new. Of course I don't wear them when it's muddy out.

    Then again, I got mine when they were on sale for $40-ish so I don't worry about it too much.
  7. I havent worn mine yet either, but I think before I do Ill probably treat them with something to repel stains.
  8. Thanks guys!