?'s for all you saddle owners...

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  1. I just got a mam in saddle from LB today...I love the leather, it is so soft and smooshy...It seems it is going to scratch easy, does it?? I actually don't mind a worn leather look, but I don't want to have to baby the heck out of my bag either...Also is the leather going to darken on the handles?? Does it get dirty easy?? Just making sure I want to keep it...TIA
  2. I would like to know that too, I also have new saddle matinee that I haven't worn because I'm afraid to ruin it.
  3. I definitely don't want a bag that I cannot use....I don't mind it getting a little of a worn look I think it will look good with this leather..
  4. My first RM was a MAM in saddle but there were many tiny scratches on the bottom upon receiving that I ended up sending it back. That particular type of leather seems to show scratches so easily. I prefer the glazed leather of my stone and tangerine MAMS as it is easier to keep looking good.
  5. I would recommend using LMB "for handles only". And treat it with their pro treatment. I'm getting mine on monday, I will treat it and post pics if you want to wait for me to be the guinea pig! I've treated my others and they came out just fine.
  6. That's funny! Same here.........I just sit and look at it.....plus it may rain.....(excuses, excuses)......:P
  7. i have the saddle MA

    1. yes, it scratches easily
    2. yes, the handles will darken on the leather
    3. don't get stuck in the rain w/ it before you treat it with rain/weather protectant
    4. unfortunatley i do have to baby my bag a little for the leather to stay in good condition


  8. Where can I get LMB products? online? TIA
  9. I just received a saddle MAB today and I'm not sure about the hardware it seems almost like a orange-yellow. Have any of you seen this in silver or how does your hardware look. Let me know I currently have this and a dusty MAB in my office and can't decide which one to keep.
  10. The saddle colored bags have the original hardware (with tassels) which is more of a yellow gold compared to the lighter gold colored hardware on the newer bags. As far as I know saddle was never made with silver hardware.
  11. That is what I was afraid of...but I love the color...I might have to send it back...I will be worried about scratching and getting it dirty...I am scared to put protectant on it...

  12. Yes please post pics and let me know how it goes...I just don't want a bag the I stress when using...I am scared to treat a bag..what if it messes it up???