S.F.Bottega Veneta Susan G Komen 20% sale

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  1. Spoke to a sales associate at the San Francisco BV store this pm and was told that in honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, the SF Bottega Veneta boutique was offering a 20% discount on selected items with a minimum donation of $65. to the Susan G Komen for the Cure.

    The 20% discount is only at the SF BV and only on in-stock items. In regard to the leather goods..handbags and slgs..sale applies to certain seasonal colors: opera, cardinal, bottle, billiard, the "pinks",scarlet..
    You can purchase several items at 20% off once minimum donation is made.
    Toffee is not included, neither are the basic colors like nero and ebano.
    Only certain ink items are included (not in intrecciato).
    No exotics, no metallics, no cabats are included....sorry.

    There is a cardinal montaigne, a large opera veneta, a roma opera, a scarlet cervo flap bag..to name a few items which ARE included in the sale.

    Sale is for 3 days...this Friday thru Sunday.

    Once you make your minimum donation of $65., you receive a pink card which entitles you to 20% discounts in other participating stores in the city.

    The SA said there would be no handbag sale this season...but, again, we have heard that before..

    Anyway, if there is a bag that is particular to the BV boutiques, and there is no chance of seeing it on sale at Bluefly or any of the dept. stores..you may want to give SF BV a call at 415-981-1700.. it's for a good cause.
  2. Thanks for the info, cabochon ;)

    South Coast Plaza is doing a similar event for the Angelitos de Oro with 20% off at a number of stores including Bottega... Perhaps I should start a new thread for this.
  3. Thanks, Ranag! Good to know...more stock to choose from and for another good cause.

  4. CORRECTION : The sale extends thru SUNDAY OCTOBER 24!
  5. Thanks for sharing! :nuts::nuts: