S. Carolina - Missing Rhodesian Ridgeback! Reward Offered!

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  1. Our dog's half-sister is missing, so we're trying everything to help find her!

    Aedan is a 75 lb rhodesian ridgeback, red wheaten with a white patch on her chest, black nose. She was last seen at the Red Roof on Laurens Rd in Greenville, SC. ***REWARD OFFERED*** Call Craig Boreiko if sighted: 919-260-2218

    She slipped her collar and ran off, and isn't microchipped!

    Please pass this along via FB or to other if you know of anyone in the area....


    This is her...

  2. I'm here in KS so I cannot help with looking for her. She is beautiful and hopefully someone very nice takes her in and returns her. :hugs:
  3. Unfortunately I'm in WI, but I'm sending good thoughts your way. I do hope someone finds her soon.
  4. I'm in NC and I hope she's found soon.

    Miracles do happen--Sandra Bullock and her husband, Jesse James, got a call after almost a month that their pit bull, Cinnabun, had been found.
  5. I hope you find Aedan. Good luck.
  6. ^^ i hope she's found soon :sad:
    (she's a beautiful doggy :heart:)
  7. Good news! Aeden was found today!! She was curled up in a thicket along I-85 where she had been using culverts and on-ramps to hide there and go back to the Red Roof Inn to find her owner (and eat cat food at the grocery store). She lept into his arms and appears unhurt although quite tired and hungry.

    This is a great example of why training recalls, socialization and microchipping is so important!!
  8. ^^ omigosh, what a relief :yahoo:
  9. Thank goodness! How terrifying, having been so close to the interstate too!
  10. Woo-hooo!!!!!
  11. Thank god she was found!!! Hopefully she'll remember that next time she thinks about running off!!!
  12. That's great news.
  13. So glad she is back home!!