?s about the Clyde

  1. So, I am debating between a black Clyde and a black Suhali Le Fab for my next LV.

    I've seen the Le Fab in real life and tried it on, etc, so I know I like it. The thing holding me back is that I'm not sure if I want such a "fancy" bag... I might want something moe casual, and the clyde appeals to me for that reason. But I've never seen the clyde in real life... does it look a lot like a messenger bag irl, or does it look like a shoulder bag? I don't want a messenger bag! How does it open? Is it difficult to get into? Finally, is it lightweight?

    Thanks for your help and advice!:heart:
  2. Hmm... In my opinion, the Clyde is the most casual bag out of the two. The Clyde seems like it would weigh just a little more than the Le Fab and would look like a shoulder bag more than a messenger bag. I also think that getting into the Clyde would be like getting into the Manhattan GM? :hrmm:

    Here are some reference pics of the Velour Clyde bag:



  3. I was on the waiting list when it came out because I really like its casual and unique design, but I changed my mind after I saw it IRL.

    The reason is that it does not hold that much and I wanted a messenger bag which Clyde is not (the strap is too short for that). Also the two compartments (front and back) are completely separated so it's quite awkward to reach into the compartment that is close to your body. I don't think that you can even put A4 paper in it easily so it won't be practical as a school bag. It is also not very lightweight. All in all, Clyde is very cool, but not very practical:nogood:.

    The style of the Clyde and the Le Fabuleux are so different so it depends on your lifestyle.

    I vote for the Le Fabuleux for its elegance, roomy interior, easy to handle and, of course, black would go with everything:yes:. On top of that, it's a good investment because it already is an LV classic. You can always get your return on investment. For Clyde, it will be more difficult to resell.
  4. what was the price of this bag?
  5. Agreed.....they're 2 totally different looks. It depends on your lifestyle and wardrobe.