S/A & Commission Question

  1. Do s/a's at Neiman Marcus and Saks lose commission on bags they sell that have been returned? I have heard that Nordstrom will take away commissions that have already been granted on returned goods (example: customer returns a bag several months after purchase; the s/a received commission but after the return their paycheck is docked) but am wondering if that is true, and if so, do other department stores have the same policy?
  2. I used to work for Nordstrom when I was in college and that is absolutely true.
  3. Yep, that's right. I sometimes go in without my receipt to return stuff, then the commission is not taken away (according to one of my Saks SA's). I feel bad that they take away their commission, especially if it was months ago that they received the pay.
  4. Really doublec? How do you go about returning without a receipt? I have a bag I want to return to NM but the s/a was a doll - really went over and above to help out. I don't want her to lose any commission!
  5. Some stores take returns as long as you have the price tags on. No receipt though so they can't take the commission off. Nordstrom did that once to me and they asked if I wanted it back on my card.
  6. Doesn't Nordstrom have those tickets that they stick on the price tag? Bloomingdales and Dillards also have those stickers. I think that those will have information that will link to the original transaction. Yeah, I also feel bad about returning something when the SA who helped is super nice. I wonder if they will know who returned what once the commission is taken away from their paycheck.
  7. did you take the nordstrom sticker off the tag as well?
  8. I returned a kate spade bag that I won from eBay. It jsut has the kate spade tag and she scanned it and the last selling price is what she gave me.
  9. you were able to return a bag bought from ebay back to nordstrom with any receipt or sticker?!?
  10. YES that is true for all big department stores... NM, BG, etc... Even for NM, since their return policy is really WHENEVER... the SA can lose commission earned 1 year ago.
  11. This is why I like shopping the big department stores online! No faces, no voices, and guilt-free returns. Thanks for the info all!
  12. how much commission do SA's earn???
  13. I have the same question. Also, do they really know who it was that returned it, or is it just a lump sum?

  14. I always feel bad when I have to return a bag that I didn't like. I don't want the SA to lose the commision! But I hate selling on Ebay too, esp expensive bags. It's hard to break even on Ebay. It's just easier to return the bag. :crybaby: