Ryder Robinson gets his hair cut!

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  1. Yes, it's true. CBB's favorite hippie baby has been shorn - well, sort of. Three weeks shy of his third birthday, the date mom Kate Hudson said he'd be getting his hair cut, Ryder Robinson debuted a new look. Although it's not the ponytail-chopping look many CBB readers seemed to be rooting for, Ryder's hair is no longer down his back - instead, he's sporting a shoulder length layered look. Very cute!
    Unfortunately, as visible in the photos of Ryder and Kate at an Australian airport, the little man appears to have hurt his left arm, which he was wearing in a sling.
    Thanks to Vera at I'm Not Obsessed, as well as CBB readers Diane, Bella and Autumn.
    it's so great:biggrin:

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  2. His haircut looks cute but not with that pacifier in his mouth! He's too old for that! UGH
  3. Awww he ut his hair!!!!!
    I think he was so cute with his long hair!
  4. I think he looks really cute w/ his shorter hair.
  5. Thats the big hair cut! It's still too long. Oh well baby steps... I guess?
  6. What is with the pacifier!? How old is this kid?

  7. Yeah its as bad as Julia Roberts with pictures of her twins in snuglis!
  8. He looks cute.
    Kate looks like she's about to take the heads off the paps!
  9. Yes, it drives me nuts to see a 2-3 year old with a bottle &/or pacifier.
  10. About time! That kid really needed a haircut, but still using a binkY????
  11. I'm glad she cut his hair, some. Sometimes you got to wait until your child is ready to take the pacifier away. I had two that never touched the things but I had one that used it until he was four. Oddly, he isn't the one that chews on his fingers all the time now, the other two do.
  12. I like the fact that he doesn't have those long, flaxen locks anymore.

    And I also like the fact that even though it's cut, it's not that close-cropped, clean-cut look. He doesn't look like one of the boys in the Von Trapp family.

    That's not Kate Hudson and that wasn't Chris Robinson. (Is his name Chris?)
  13. I think he looks much cuter now, and I bet it's more comfortable for a child his age (especially a boy) to have shorter hair.
  14. thank goodness!
  15. My son in the avatar has his hair almost to that length and there is NO way that I am cutting it..some kids can rock the long hair.. :yes: (Also, my DH is a huge rock fan like Zeppelin and The Doors so he likes it like that too.)