Ryan Seacrest is a designer???

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  1. I know this is late news BUT since when did Ryan Seacrest become a DESIGNER now? Isn't he really busy with KIIS FM and his other 10 jobs too? :blink:

    South Coast Plaza- Nordstrom
    Ryan Seacrest Personal Appearance
    December 3 from 12pm - 2pm

    Celebrity designer Ryan Seacrest will make a special appearance to launch his new tee-shirt line, R Line. Customers will get a chance to meet Ryan Seacrest and see designs created exclusively for Nordstrom.
    For more information, please call 714-549-8300 ext. 1340.
  2. not only did ryan seacrest go to my college, but he graduated from the same school within the college that i'm in.

    it made me a little sad when i found that out.
  3. Yep. When I heard about this a few months ago I was just as disgusted and confused. *Cough* Douche Bag * Cough*

    here's one of the shirts from his collection:

    JK. . . but I bet they look something like that. I tried googling around to find where you can buy, but didn't have much luck. I'll try later when I'm not as sick to stomach about it.
  4. lol Good one chemlex! :lol:
  5. Found it. Anyone want some ugly $52 T-shirts?


    "After earning a first-round vote of confidence from viewers who liked what they saw on their television screens, "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest has joined with JEM Sportswear and Awake to launch The R Line™ for men for women - shirts that blend a relaxed weekend vibe with an undeniable Hollywood style."

    That's what I'll be thinking when I see these P.O.S. shirts on sale at Big Lots for $4.99 next March.
  6. Eewww... don't like it!
  7. Does anyone even remember he exists anymore? :suspiciou
  8. We'll have to in January. He ruins a good portion of American Idol for me. Why is he so incredibly proud of how incredibly lame he is?
  9. I just watch the auditions and laugh my ass off, and that's it. He gets on my nerves. I remember when he had a talk show on Fox, what a disaster!
  10. He took over our KIIS FM here in Cali awhile ago. At first, I was really annoyed just hearing his voice, but after awhile I actually got used to him. He cracks me up alot. I heard he's really short in person, like a midget?
  11. He's also tiny - about half the size of a normal man. I saw him in person at a couple American Idol tapings last year, and all the other contestants (including the women) towered over him.

    He probably shops in the young men's department. I wonder if his shirts run super small for petite men like him.

    I hate how they replaced Rick Dees with him. I think he's pretty bad.
  12. damn, thats news to me :lol:
  13. What I'm wondering is, who would by something designed by Ryan Seacrest? He is such a dork! I love AI but cannot stand him, he tries so hard to be whitty and cool but he just ends up looking like an even bigger dork!