Ryan Seacrest and Sophie Monk are seeing eachother!!?!

Feb 17, 2007
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It's Heating Up!

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Is she embarrassed to be seen with him??? Or are they just trying to play it cool for the paparazzi???
Ken & Barbie, aka Ryan Seacrest and Sophie Monk, continue to step out publicly together, albeit a bit shyly.
The pair dined at an LA sushi restaurant on Tuesday night and it seemed to go quite well. The two chewed the fat for over two hours before heading home.
Australian actress Monk was engaged to Benji Madden and Seacrest was most recently linked to one of the blonde girls from Sunset Tan.
He definitely has a type!


Aug 4, 2007
Oh Ryan, she's pretty but you could've picked a better beard. Perhaps someone unknown so it would be some what believable.