Ryan Lochte

  1. OMG!! What is this? His mouth jewelry? :lolots: Are we watching The Olympics or a freak show? :roflmfao:
  2. Why?
  3. This. Plus he's not really my type.

  4. well it's super distracting. who else is wearing a freaking grill? this is not 2004 and you are no Paul Wall
  5. i wonder what happened to all the grillz. like, are they sitting in people's safe deposit boxes or jewelry boxes unused? or have they been melted down by now?
  6. so stoopid :cray:
  7. I thought the grill was photoshopped. No?
  8. No, he pulled it out of his jewelry box during the interview/look inside his closet.
  9. he really is a cutie :heart:

    Too bad phelps was spanked in the 400m last night :sad:
  10. Haha...that's fantastic! :p

    He is pretty cute though. If he wasn't proud and ecstatic it would have been said that he seemed ungrateful - but since he is, then he's cocky. He can't win with the public either way.
  11. He appears to have multiple ones. He was gonna break out the red, white, and blue one before he got banned from wearing it.
  12. fun haters :push: lol!
  13. ^^Hehe! I still don't understand why they banned it. I mean they let them wear other jewelry, what's it hurting?
  14. My daughter called them a "fun sponge". lol
  15. Yeah they are no joke. He popped them back in after he walked off.

    I know it and I feel it, because I’ve put in hard work. I’ve trained my butt off for four years … and there’s no better way to start this Olympics off than getting gold.