Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

  1. Someone gave DH a gift card for Ruth's Chris and we thought we would use it for our anniversary dinner. Anyone know what steak dinner for 2 plus a bottle of good red wine would cost? I have a feeling our gift card will not even begin to cover it!
  2. maybe $120...depends on which wine you get.
  3. I'd say even a little more than 120. The steaks, as I recall, are in the 30-40 range each, and are priced a la carte: no sides. Sides are between 8 and 12 each, and each one will be more than enough for two to share, the portions are generous. Add in wine, which of course can vary a lot, and I'd put it at more around 150. Sooo good though- they make the best steak I've ever had.
  4. You won't get out for less than $100-$150....but it's way worth it. The food is great!!!! :tup:
  5. The Au Gratin Potatoes are too die for. The last time I was there I skipped the main course and filled up on potatoes and veggies. LOL You've got to try them.

    The steaks are great Just make sure you're not counting calories, the steaks are swimming in sizzling butter. :smile:
  6. Thanks, all! It sounds so gooooood!!! I had no idea the sides were a la carte. Interesting. The potatoes sound awesome. I'll make sure I go with an enormous appetite!
  7. They have creamed spinach TDF! I haven't been lately, but they used to have an early special (before 7:00PM) which was a choice of 3 or 4 entrees, seide and dessert for $40.00 each. You might choose that for an early dinner and drinks after??
  8. Yeah, good idea! Creamed spinach--yum!
  9. Let's see, the bf and I went last year for my bday and it was $150 w/ tip. We got 2 steaks, 2 sides, 2 coke's, 2 desserts (mine was free though) and still water (you pay for bottled water if you want it) So I'm thinking with a good bottle of wine, you have to add at least $40? So maybe $200. It is totally worth it though!
  10. my daddy just took me and my sister over break and it was a very disappointing experience (customer service wise - having a waiter drop a wine glass by your feet and not getting an apology or compensation? yea total no-no. i've wrote them on the website and have yet to hear a word) but if you're using a gift card, then it's all the better!

    we ordered the stuffed mushroom and half/half bread basket for appetizer. i got the "daily special" (petit filet w/ lobster tail), daddy and sis each got the regular filet mignon and total was a little under $200.

    i would imagine that your total would be around $150. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!
  11. our steak here in lake mary fl tasted like it had been doused with lighter fluid. also got shoestring french fries that were soggy w/oil. nice ambiance by the bar but the steaks at outback are better imo. if outback served bernaise sauce I would be in heaven.
  12. I love the one here. Excellent food and service second to none! I would enjoy the great food and skip the wine!
  13. I'd pass on the wine, because a good bottle will be kinda expensive there! Maybe just order a cocktail instead? My boss took us there once, and the wine was like $100. The same bottle was only $25 at the wine store, so the markup is high.

    I loooove their food. :smile: We always order lots of sides because they're so delish... It's hard to say what's yummier- the steak or the sides!
  14. A bit OT but I'm going here with my bf for his 21st bday.. what's the dress code like? I've read the reviews on yelp for it but it didn't really say much. I was a bit alarmed by some reviews that said that the service is seriously lackluster (with some accusations of ageism)... I want to wear a cute cocktail dress- would that be too dressed up? The bf is not into dressing up, so we wouldn't look like we're going to the prom or anything- just me! :biggrin: TIA!