Ruthie Davis Desktop Black Pumps - On sale for $50 from $395!!

  1. Wow, that is a HoT shoe . . . if it were in my size, it'd be gone already :smile:
  2. OMG thanks I just snagged these - such a hot pair of shoes!

    And thanks to nilgungor and bagachondriac for posting codes - I got these for $40 shipped! :yahoo:
  3. Actually I think they're all gone -- there's no place to select the size.. and when I click add to cart it says, "you must select a size"... :sad: cute shoes though!
  4. I think there's only one size left, the 9.5, I got them in that size..I hope they fit!
    Thank you Carmen!
  5. Yeah, I got the same message earlier :sad:. Oh well, maybe it's a sign I've been spending too much money!

  6. Congrats! I'm glad they went to a fellow's weird, they didn't show up under the sale category..I had to specifically click in the Ruthie Davis section to find eyes went :wtf: when I saw the price, but unfortunately they weren't my size.
    I'm happy for you though :tup:
  7. Yay I am so excited - thanks again Carmen! :yahoo:
  8. Always out of my size. :cursing:
  9. AHHH my size ... but I would not be able to walk in those heels!!!!
  10. Did you get a confirmation e-mail?
  11. No, but I logged onto my account on their site and it says "submitted" - I hope it goes through.

    I think I may have gotten the last pair, because after I placed my order I went back to the item page and it no longer listed a size above the "add to cart" button. :shrugs:
  12. Weird, because I had the option to add it to my cart quite a while after you posted th at you had ordered it.
  13. Weird. Did actually allow you to add it to your cart? Or was there just a button there? The "add to cart button" is still showing, but it says you must select a size now and you can't.

    I hope the fact that I have not gotten and email from them does not mean it will be cancelled. :confused1:
  14. It let me add the 9.5 to the cart and check out/input credit card and everything.