Ruthenium vs. palladium

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Ruthenium or palladium on a black box Birkin?

  1. Ruthenium

  2. Palladium

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Interested in opinions re: which hardware for a 35 black box Birkin. On the one hand, I love the understated yet different look of ruthenium with black box. I don't know a thing about the longevity of that metal. On the other, palladium is very familiar to me, I will never tire of it, I like the contrast, and it's a classic.
    Which would you choose and why?
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  2. I do love both, but against black I do like the sharper contrast of the palladium against black--it just pops more. Also, I do remember reading that there were issues with ruthenium tarnishing, and I have personally experienced this myself although I think in my specific instance it was a case of humidity mixed with the plastic being left on too long.
  3. Rutherium on Black box is gorgeous and less common... RUTHERIUM gets my vote! My tricolor HAC has rutherium HW and I love the darker tones of the HW. So far, no issues!
  4. I think all the hardware choices look good on black box, but I guess I am partial to palladium...I like the contrast of silver against black, its my favorite color/hardware combination.
  5. I too like the sharp contrast of palladium against black box.
  6. I like the rarer ruthenium, and it looks stunning on pinks, greens, and black.
  7. I like the palladium against the black. I think it will also look better when the bag develops a patina. Imagine chrome on a black shiny Bentley.:drool:
  8. Well... I'm very partial to Ruthenium, I have it on two black box Birkins. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Gorgeous ! Elegant, great day and evening hardware.
  9. I love palladium. :smile:
  10. I voted palladium. It looks better on Black Box leather. More contrast compared to ruthenium.
  11. palladium would pop against black!!!
  12. I LOVE MY BLACK BOX RUTHENIUM BIRKIN!!!! I say go for it!!!!
  13. Pepper I think both look fab but given a choice I'd have ruthenium. The reason I have pall on my black kelly is because it was there and I took it had I ordered it I would have asked for ruthenium.

    I do not, however, know how it wears.
  14. Ruthenium, just to be a bit edgier
  15. there both great but R h/w is a touch more unique. Can you believe that at the last H sale i went to, I bought a bracelet that i thought that R h/w only to come home and find out it was p h/w the lighting in the room made it look dark lol. Not that it mattered turns out that i like it better this way.