Ruthenium or guilloche?

  1. I'm thinking about a purchase in NY in April .... how hard is ruthenium HW to get? I'm sure that guilloche is like SO or a discovery that has to be total serendipity.......
  2. Ruthenium appears pretty randomly--I've seen at least two bags on the shelf with ruthenium over the last few months. Currently, I'm pretty sure that Guilloche is available by special order only.
  3. I've seen Ruthenium, but not Guilloche. Please describe it!
  4. I haven't seen either one live. I understand ruthenium is a little like a gunmetal grey tone? And guilloche is carved or something, I believe. Shed some light on this please!
  5. MM--you are correct in your assessment of Ruthenium; a few of our members have ruthenium hardware on their bags. Here is a photo of my Kelly double tour bracelet in box with Guilloche hardware:
  6. That bracelet is fabulous orchids!!
  7. Orchids! We have the same bracelet! Except mine's in Noisette! So cool...
  8. Eric you have no idea how lucky you are to wear a Kelly double tour! i was in love with it but my fat wrists couldn't fit in it, the sa and I were trying to flod my wrist in half to fit, to this day I'm still not over it and i would kill for one :sad:
  9. Why don't you ask them if it is possible for them to make you a special one in your size? If you don't ask, you'll never know if its possible!
  10. Ruthenium.......sigh..........
  11. I didn't know you could SO sizes of things i thought it was just the leathers colors HW etc. on standard models. really sorry for hijacking, back to the topic: i have been a fan of ruthenium for the longest time, it might be because i am a guy and its more masculine but i think it pwetty, then again all Hermes i gorgeous
  12. That's beautiful orchids! BTW I love your blog!
  13. Nice bracelet, Orchids, and great reference for Guilloche.
  14. My Hapi bracelet has a ruthenium buckle and I love it beyond all reason! I'd love to have a bag with ruthenium! :heart:
  15. Eric--that's so cool--I bet it looks gorgeous in Noisette!

    Millstream & Shoes--thanks!

    Shoes--glad you're enjoying the blog--still trying to figure out some formatting issues, but it's been fun.