Ruthenium hardware

  1. Is this harder to get than the rest? Has anyone got pieces with it (jewelry, etc)?

    I'd appreciate pictures :flowers:

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Kat's black Kelly has this gorgeous h/w I think........she posted pics a while ago......I love it!
  3. i love it too as it adds a kind of an edge to the clasic kelly and makes it really "rockstarish" unfortunately not a lot around though but definately is a stunner just take a look at kats kelly :love:
  4. I love ruthenium hardware too! It would look stunning in certain combo. One of the items on my list is a fuchsia LIZARD JPG Clutch with RUTHENIUM hardware!!!:nuts:
  5. Here's a couple of pics for your reference.

    It's like a shiny gun metal color.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. I like it - especially with black leather!
  8. Stunning!!!
  9. I read, in some publication or other, that the grey chanel reissue had got ruthenium hardware? Is this the same thing as what Hermes uses? Or am I mis-remembering entirely?
  10. I have ruthenium hardware on my 30 gold/togo birkin, I love it! I did heard from my SA that it's rare though.
  11. Kat, thanks for the pictures, I had seen yours in the member item thread and thought it was gorgeous. hermeslady, wow. By all means, keep it!! If it's rare, you could be getting more from it!
  12. I may have to sell most everything in my collection I've added my 35cm black box to my sales on Ebay-

    I may have my 'dream' bag coming to me soon. A 35cm porosus crocodile Birkin in miel (sp) in my near future. I'm talking to my SA today. Everybody keep their fingers and toes crossed ! :biggrin:

    I know croc looks best in 30cm, but 35cm is the best most usable size for me. I plan on carrying her most every day.
  13. Oooh HL! Good luck - I hope your croc comes your way!!