rusting on papillon hardware

  1. was reading the threads re rusting ... i had my papillon for a yr now and the hardware sort of rusted too or pealed off (im not sure how to describe it) but it definitely was not the same as before, is this normal wear and tear, does the hardware turn this way after awhile's use ? i got this bag in a louis vuitton store brand new
  2. Which papillon? Mono or damier? :cry:

    You might want to bring it back to the store and see what they'll say about the rusting and whether they're willing to repair it for you.
  3. they can and will repair it it just depends if ur willing to spend money on this?
  4. papillon mono the medium size .. is this normal ?
  5. i dont know if its normal or not i depends on the age i guess, if its vintage (or even if its not) its worth a repair in my opinion
  6. im looking at my bag now tha hardware has tarnished is this normal wear and tear?
  7. none of my lv stuff has harware and is relatively new so i cant answer that
  8. My mono hudson had this problem on one of the roller bars on the buckle where the tongue lies on. It actually turned the leather lying beneath it black from tarnish. I took it to my local boutique and they tried at first to tell me that this was normal and that the hardware after time may tarnish. They said that their display bags have tarnish on them. I would not buy this, esp. since the other buckles had no problem whatsoever. The metal tongue on that one paticular buckle was rough underneath, like it wasn't polished smoothly, so common sense tells me that that was the culprit for causing the rollerbar to scratch and tarnish. Therefore, I insisted that they send it it in for repair. They emailed LV and sent a picture, and called me back to say that they would go ahead and replace the entire buckle. Man, I feel like sometimes you really have to be persistent and even on the edge of a jerk before they'll do anything.
  9. I think it also depends on the weather in the area you're in. Humid areas would get more problems with rusting I would think. I hope you're able to get it fixed though.
  10. I've had my Pap 30 for about 6 years now and the zipper pull looks like this:
  11. Eeeekk... noooo... :cry:
  12. It's funny but untill this thread I didn't even bother to look at it!!!:lol: It doesn't bother me that much but next time I am at the store I'll ask how much it will be to replace this thingy.
  13. same thing happend to my pouchette..its about 2 years old. I took it in to LV and they said its "Normal wear & Tear"..
  14. Yes, it is normal. I think the top coat peels off. We should protest to LV after all the $ they charging.
  15. I have similar plating loss on my cerises cles :sad2:
    IMG_1125.JPG Zip.jpg