Rust or Wine?

  1. Last weekend at the outlet I purchased a large Bleecker Flap bag in rust. It is similar to the whiskey bags (which I missed out on), but a bit brighter. Then they called me (LOVE my outlet!) on Tuesday to let me know they received wine colored Large Bleecker Flaps in. I went in today to see it and I ended up taking both home because I cannot decide.

    I know the wine is a rarer color and not seen as often, but it is quite deep and it is "aged" in the sense that it gets darker near the seams. In some lighting it looks almost brown. It doesn't pop as much as the rust.

    Does anyone have both, and which do you like better? Which would you choose? I am terribly indecisive. When I put the bags on the counter in front of me I prefer the wine, but when I try them on I tend toward the rust. :confused1: So tell me which color you like better and why!
  2. pics please?
  3. I really like the look of the wine more... how about modeling pics?! then we could get a better feel for it :graucho:
  4. yes model pics please.. it's easier to enable you once we see the actual pics:nuts:
  5. hmmm well the rust can be really pretty depending on the light but to me it was really orangey so I prefer the wine. The one drawback I think could be about wine is the color might be a little trendy but it is a pretty solid color so I don't think that would be much of an issue if any. I vote for wine. :tup:
  6. Sorry. I am working on downloading pictures. I should've had them ready. It will take a few minutes because of dial-up...
  7. Okay, this is a picture with flash. If the wine bag always looked this color I would love it:

    This is a picture without the flash and is a lot truer to color. As you can see, the wine comes across quite dark and it is almost difficult to tell what color it really is:
  8. I think it's so hard because they both pick up tones but the rust really picks up orange tones.. more than the whiskey. In my outlet it looked really orange and then once home not so much. I know that ours had lots of rust sitting and the wine were all sold out and at the others the wine was selling fast.. but that could have been the light too. :yes:
  9. I love the wine one.. it looks really rich and beautiful !
  10. I think I prefer the wine too. If as Fields says they tend to look orangey, I would definitely pass on that color.
  11. I actually prefer the rust. The wine looks blah to me. It looks like it could be brown but not really. If it were a deep, rich burgundy, it would be gorgeous but from the pics you posted, I like the rust better. It really seems to pop.
  12. I love the wine, but mainly because I want one in that color so bad! LOL. I have the wristlet in wine and I think it's gorgeous--you see different shades of color in different lights. I don't care for the rust, but I tend not to ever like any shade of orange.
  13. I bought my Bleecker Large Flap in wine...I feel that the wine looks like a rich deep color. I personally did not like the rust because, I too, thought it looked to ORANGEY.
    I do not think that the WINE is trendy, I think it looks classy.

    I worked really hard at finding on in WINE.
  14. i love the one on the right!
  15. i vote vino!