Rust/Cognac Bottega Veneta Woven Hobo

  1. I am not close to any outlets, and was wondering if anyone had seen this bag out there anywhere? The color is similar to Chloe's Whiskey, and I believe the measurements are 16"x10"x3, or something like that. If you see one, could you give me a heads up?

    Would it be a bad idea to call different BV outlets? Any other ideas for finding this one?

  2. i'm not sure which bag you're talking about.. u can checkout and tell us the name of the bag.. i'm a big fan and i might be able to help :smile:
  3. I think it is just called the woven hobo...I believe this is a 2004 or 2005 color. I am attaching the bag in brown, so you can see the style, as well as a photo that I found on eBay that depicts the color fairly accurately.

    I emailed the personal shopper from BV, so maybe they will have an idea.
    Woven BV.jpg Rust BV.jpg
  4. The color was called Terra
  5. I did not see either at the BV outlet this past weekend. Usually, they have the more of the seasonal non-neutral colored bags from the past year. So this time, their bags were from last s/s '06 colors. All the bright yellow, green, red and salmon.
  6. Cognac was produced in fall/winter 2005-2006. I'm not sure if this is the color you were looking for--it was kind of a cross between Chloe's whiskey and a deep burnt orange. The cool thing about the cognac bags was they had a gorgeous turquoise suede interior. It was a stunning combination! Good luck finding your bag--

    P.S. The zip top woven hobo that comes in two sizes is called the Veneta bag.

    P.P. S. After checking my catalog stash I also noticed there was a terracotta color produced in spring/summer 2005. There were limited edition bags in this color but I'm not sure if the Veneta came in the terracotta.

  7. I have a cognac BV, its absolutely a piece ... I was very lucky, the boutique just had a full stock of the season's collection, 10 colors to be exact of all shades of the woven hobo!