Rust Botkier Bombay Tote. Help!


Jun 21, 2006
I bought this online and now I'm nervous about my purchase.
Does anyone have pictures of this bag IRL?
How big is this bag (I'm 5'4") ....are the studs overbearing?
Can I call them tomorrow and cancel if I'm unsure - I haven't got an
shipping confirmation says sale items final.

I have this bag and it is one of the most awesome bags I own. I am also 5.4 and I find it fine to carry. I am used to larger bags and there is alot of ornamentation on it but it's truly one of the neatest looking bags I've seen. The Tassle is ultra cool. I love this bag so much I spent 100.00 on it to be restored when I dumped coffee on it. Here it is IRL. This is just my opinion but I don't think you'd regret getting it unless you are really picky about a bigger bulkier bag.


lovekoobabags: The tote is a big bag but it's really hard to know if you'll think it's too big or not. I'm 5'6" and a size 14. It was pretty big on me. I sent a rust bombay tote back because of the leather though, rather than the size. I just didn't like how rustic it was. I like smooth soft leather and this bag was very rugged, IMO. Obviously Lexie2000 loves hers because she paid to have hers restored. It just depends on your personal preference though. That's why I hate ALL SALES FINAL. Unless you see a bag in person, it's hard to know if you'll really love it. I'm sorry if that wasn't much help. Good luck to you.
Ooops, Yes the tote is bigger and considering the satchel is a larger bag the Tote may be overwhelming.
Tlloveshim is right. It's a very Rustic bag. The perfect word for it. The leather (Lovinmybags told me) is called pulled up leather. It's Rust with some darker areas giving it a lived in look. It's definitely a casual bag too. Wouldn't go with anything too dressy IMO.
The All Sales are Final might be a bad thing in this case. If worse comes to worse maybe you could sell it on Ebay or in the Forum. Don't give up hope...maybe you'll love it. Let us know.
Ok - What do you guys think?:confused1:

eta: please excuse the PJ bottoms - I"m home cleaning


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What do YOU think? Cuz that's what matters! I think it looks lovely and even though it is big, it's not bad looking. Actually, it looks nice on you. You can definately get a lot in that bag and I bet it gets even better with use. Congratulations and I really hope you do like it!
I think it's beautiful! The proportion is great, the colour is great. I think you'll love it the more you live in it. And I bet it'll be a bag that will carry you through several seasons. But be happy in it; if you don't, what's the point? I hope you enjoy it. = )
Thanks - I think it is a big bag but I can carry a bigger bag like the Marcella or the Paige without hesitation. I like the Rust color so I'll let u know what I decide. :smile: These bags are actually selling well on Ebay!
That is a gorgeous bag - keep it! I like the smaller one upthread too.

For some reason, I've never really looked at Botkier bags before. I must have been living under a rock or something! After reading this thread, I just went to their website for the first time, and fell in love with the bombay tall hobo...which of course is sold out. I'm doing a Google search, but does anyone know other good places where I might find Botkier?