Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer split

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    OSCAR-winning actor Russell Crowe and his wife Danielle Spencer have separated after nine years of marriage, it has been reported.

    It is understood the split was amicable and that the couple's main concern is protecting their two sons Charles, 8 and Tennyson, 6, from the public spotlight. The children will remain with Spencer in Sydney while Crowe continues filming his biblical blockbuster, Noah, in the US, according to today's Sydney Morning Herald.

    Crowe, 48, has reportedly thrown himself into his work following the break-up.
    Melissa Hoyer: 'They always seemed like the perfect couple'
    The news is a shock as the couple were thought to have had a solid marriage.
    However, the demands of Crowe's acting career may have been a factor in the split. He has been away from Spencer, 43, and his children for much of the past year, filming Man with the Iron Fist, Les Miserables, Broken City, Man of Steel and Noah.

    When Spencer was photographed on a night out with her Dancing With the Stars partner, Damian Whitewood, in June many believed that her marriage was on the rocks and that she had turned to Whitewood out of loneliness.
    Crowe and Spencer dismissed the rumours and they made a big show of their love at Los Angeles airport several days later.

    The usually guarded Crowe happily locked lips with Spencer in front of the paparazzi and many commentators believed he was in "damage control".
    Crowe and Spencer married at Crowe's cattle farm near Coffs Harbour in April 2003. Spencer is said to have calmed her husband's wild ways and softened his temper.

    She once said of her husband’s fame and fortune that "all that stuff has nothing to do with me as a person".
    They met 22 years ago on the set of the movie The Crossing (photo below), but they didn't get serious about each other until more than a decade later, after Crowe's much publicised romance with Meg Ryan.


    Crowe realised post-Ryan that Spencer was the woman he needed in his life and asked Spencer's father permission before proposing to her in 2002.
    The couple had just recently bought $10 million mansion in the Sydney suburb of Rose Bay.

    Spencer stood by her man after his phone-throwing incident in New York in 2005. Crowe was arrested for assault after a fight with the concierge at the Mercer Hotel over an international call to Spencer.
    She said: "I'm not condoning his behaviour. I don't want to make excuses for him because I’m certainly not. But I do understand when you’re apart that the loneliness kicks in."

    Neither Crowe nor Spencer has commented on the report.
    Crowe's last posting on his Twitter account was asking followers if there were "tickets still available for tonight's show at the gramercy" and updating them on his exercise regime: "Yesterday 11.6km bike ride to work,30 mins yoga,light weights today so far 14.5 km stat bike,20 mins light weights."

  2. Russell surprising Danielle on the set of Dancing With the Stars in June 2012. The body language is telling. Looks like she can barely stand him.

  3. That's sad. I would say he isn't the easiest to live with though.
  4. She probably got sick of being home with the kids 24/7 while hes working nonstop..she seemingly put her own career on hold nad maybe holds some resentment for it..shame though
  5. He's a great actor, and he does a lot for charity here in Australia. But yes, agreed, he's probably enormously difficult to live with (there are many of examples of him behaving like a pompous a** in public) and the time away from home would not have helped.
  6. Awww...:nogood:Another one bites the dust...sad time for all...esp. the children.
  7. That's so crazy. I was trying to go see his concert in the City yesterday. It sounded like he was in good spirits. That's a shame.
  8. When I saw their wedding pic compared to now I could not believe it had been less than ten years. Does he smoke?
  9. Russell Crowe's marriage has been 'a sham for more than a year'

    RUSSELL Crowe and Danielle Spencer have been living in separate homes for more than a year while keeping up the public persona of one of Australia's most esteemed celebrity couples, it was revealed yesterday.

    As the entertainment world absorbed the news that the pair had split just a few months shy of their 10-year wedding anniversary, claims surfaced that they had been estranged since late last year.

    While the rumoured reasons behind the break-up flitted between Crowe's hectic filming schedule and Spencer's long-suspected relationship with her Dancing With The Stars partner Damien Whitewood, friends of the pair admitted that when Crowe has come back to Sydney, he has remained at his expansive Woolloomooloo Wharf penthouse apartment while Spencer and the couple's two sons have been living at the $10 million Rose Bay house they bought only last year following a long search.

    As of last night, neither party had made an official comment on the marriage breakdown, with Crowe getting back to work on Darren Aronofsky's biblical epic Noah in New York while Spencer remained holed up in her eastern suburbs abode.

    According to neighbours, the pretty slice of suburbia has never been home to the family of four. "(There were) no signs a man had even lived there," said one, gesturing the interiors were particularly "girly".

    But despite the apparent estrangement, Crowe and Spencer have been seen together on a few occasions, most notably a well-publicised walk in Los Angeles after pictures of Spencer and Whitewood out partying together were made public in June. The shots - published in The Sunday Telegraph - were taken by a patron inside The Star casino's cocktail bar Cherry and showed the dance partners with their arms around each other.

    Days later, Spencer flew to LA and walked hand-in-hand with Crowe through the streets of Beverly Hills before a pack of photographers.

    However cracks in the relationship were first floated earlier last year at the relaunch of The Star in September, when the pair arrived together on the red carpet but were apart and acted "frosty" towards each other for the rest of the evening.

    Crowe had spent almost all of 2011 overseas working on at least three different films. When Spencer starred on Dancing With The Stars earlier this year, her husband's absence from the Sunday night live shows was well-noted.

    A backstage source at Channel 7 claimed the Oscar winner sent his wife a bunch of roses for Mothers Day, but Spencer "looked at them and gave them away" to someone else. "There was pretty much no mention of (Russell) backstage," the source said. "It's like it was understood not to talk about him or something. "She didn't want to be known as Russell Crowe's wife - she wanted to be Danielle Spencer, the singer-songwriter."

    Crowe is also said to have sent a basket filled with Belvedere Vodka and everything needed to make vodka lime sodas - Spencer's favourite drink - including limes, a knife, chopping board and San Pellegrino soda. "Only the vodka was touched," the source said.

    Crowe is believed to have been "blindsided" by the fact the couple's break-up had now been made public.

    The 48-year-old recently made a whistlestop return from the Big Apple set of Noah to watch his beloved South Sydney rugby league team get beaten by Canterbury in an emotional playoff for an NRL grand final spot. But he and Spencer were not sighted together during the visit.

    Close confidants say that rather than his work being solely responsible for the breakdown of the marriage, it seems the Hollywood action star has spent the year preparing a war chest in readiness for divorce. Crowe will likely earn between $80 and $100 million this year from his work in films Man With The Iron Fist, Les Miserables, Broken City, Man Of Steel and Noah.

    Although Spencer, 43, is believed to have signed a pre-nup worth about $20 million in cash and property, including the Rose Bay home, the actor will undoubtedly look after his sons - Charles, 8 and Tennyson, 6 - who remain his first priority.

  10. I don't follow him, why is everyone suggesting "negative" things about him?
  11. I can't see anyone suggesting negative things about him. No-one has to suggest anything. Russell is a brilliant actor, and he does a lot of good for charity. But there are examples of anger management and ego problems. The phone throwing incident in NYC, threatening a BAFTA producer when they cut short a /speech/poem. Getting rowdy and obnoxious at a pub and being pounded by a female bouncer.

  12. Symantics.... like i said I don't follow him at all. Thanks for the links.
  13. Then why ask? :shrugs: Google is your friend.
  14. It's a forum... it's conversation. Why so hostile?
  15. I could ask the same question. Your comment about symantics came off pretty hostile. Moving on.