Rush Poll: H Orange or BJ for my last Birkin?


Rush Poll: H Orange or BJ for my last birkin???

  1. H Orange 30 Swift P/H

  2. BJ 35 Togo P/H

  3. none. just get some ice cream

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  1. Hi ladies...
    I have been quietly waiting for my 2nd Birkin to arrive for a while now. I have a Vert Chartreuse 35 Clemence, which I really adore.....and I "was" waiting for a BJ 35 Togo for my 2nd Birkin. While I was waiting for BJ, I told my SA that I really want Black Birkin in the future, which will be my last Birkin. She initially said we'll talk about it near future and I was thinking it'll be at least 1 year after I receive my BJ anyway. Part of me was kind of feeling some regret for not ordering Black 35 as my 2nd birkin, and get some other color in size 30 later. (since I now feel the need of variety in sizes:upsidedown:)

    Now, my SA called me that her manager can get me Black Swift 35 with Gold Hardware if I want.....which should come in anytime now. I was over the moon, and asked her to confirm with the manager for the black. Then she said, "so you still want a BJ 35, too right?" That really got me thinking, I'm not sure if I should get another SA said I can get H Orange Swift 30 with PH instead of BJ 35 Togo if I want.

    I like both BJ and H Orange colors are not my dilemma. It's the combination of size and leather. I don't know if I should get another Swift leather......I searched forum for some aging issue with swift, and just worries a bit to have 2 Swift Birkins. At the same time I'm not sure if I should have 3 size 35 birkins, considering these are going to be all birkins I will get.

    So....any advice regarding size, leather, or even colors will be really appreciated.
    And I have to let my SA know by tomorrow morning!!!!:flowers::flowers::flowers:
  2. I love orange in swift. I had to vote for that.
  3. :heart:H Wish List:heart:

    35cm Togo BJ Birkin
    35cm/30cm Black Togo/Swift/Box GHW Birkin
    Kelly 32/35 Orange

    I wouldn't deviate from your wishlist...stay with seem to be having incredible luck with your local Hermes swift 35 with gold hardware sounds to die for...
  4. Orange H in a 30 would be a bright, bold pop of colour. I somehow think it would compete less with your chartreuse than BJ.
  5. I feel like everyone needs the signature color in their closet. Maybe get the black in togo instead of the swift.
  6. BJ! That is my dream Birkin. I would go with your first instinct.
  7. wintotty, the blue jean...although, it is funny
    that one person thought you should just get the
    ice-cream. ;)
  8. I love the BJ color so I picked that one. I think it's such a happy color.

    Good luck, but let's face it, it's Hermes and you could get either one and it's going to be right.
  9. BJ Togo would be a great workhorse bag and something different leather-wise.
  10. I have to vote for orange. I think anything that you would wear with BJ you would wear with the green bag...And, you can never go wrong with black.
  11. Thanks everyone,

    Anyone have any concern with Swift leather? I am def. getting a Black 35 Swift Birkin......
  12. there are severaly threads with mixed reviews on swift. Some say that it is very hardy, others say delicate...It also is a softer leather and I've seen some 35s with quite a bit of slouch and batwings. I personally like that but some don't. It is less of an issue with the smaller size.
    I don't own any swift....yet.... but I am captivated by it and hope to get a 30 someday.
  13. I have to vote for Blue Jean. This color is so much more versatile than I ever thought it could be! It just looks great with everything, and I know how you wanted one! I would still get that unless you are really worried about size- then go for the orange IF you love the color!
  14. Rocker, thanks for your advice;) I like the slouchy bags, but not too much so that it falls down. I love the smooth leather and saturated colors which Swift gives, though.
    I also agree on some ladies mentioning about my existing green compete with blue jean for similar occasions/wardrobes......I guess I'm leaning towards Orange a bit....

    Jag! hope your case is going well....don't overwork!
    My situation has changed quite a bit since I PM'ed you regarding's confusing, but in a good way.
  15. I vote for orange. Not only for the color but also the size. Since you now have 2 Birkin 35 why not have one in a 30. Sizing aside, I also think orange is a great color. It is bright but so versatile. I wear my orange Kelly with so many more things than I ever thought possible.
    Orange in Swift is beautiful.