Rush Bracelet Anyone Owns One ?

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  1. hi does anyone owns a Rush bracelet ? can you pls post modeling pics ? I want to see how it looks when worn on the wrist ;)
    Im debating whether to get a kelly double tour or a rush bracelet ...

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  2. I bought one several weeks ago and love it. Hopes up rather well; I wear it quite often, and so far, it looks like the day I bought it. Comes in three sizes and two colors that I know of (black and brown). Here's a pic of it on, although I'm a guy so I don't know how much help that is.

  3. camhabib that is one gorgeous modeling pics :love: i love it on you !! what color is that and what leather ?
  4. Great pic camhabib! I've never seen this in my Boutiques. I would love one just like yours!!!
  5. Thanks a lot kaka and rileygirl! The leather I believe the SA told me was tadelakt, and all I remember of the color was "brown" (not good with all these fancy names). No one at my local H store really seemed to know a ton about them, other then they just came in two colors and a few sizes. I picked up a medium, and I have rather skinny wrists for a male, so perhaps a small may be a good size.
  6. I think i need XS i really love the bracelet on you i cant stop looking at it :smile:
  7. camhabib post that pic in the "hermes in action" thread that gorgeous pic deserves to be posted there !
  8. Kaka, what size is your wrist? I have the Night Bracelet in size Small and Ihave tiny wrists. It's only a wee bit loose on me. Small may work for you!
  9. i have really tiny wrist i use a kelly double tour in XS :P
  10. I had no idea about XS. I'll have to check it out next time I am at H. Thanks!
  11. I tried on the kelly rush and have the kelly double tour in barenia. love the rush, but ended up with this one for xmas gift! it is barenia, and is wonderful.... can i recommend this one ? :heart: i believe it is slightly wider than the rush.


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  12. doloresmia what is the name of that bracelet ? its beautiful! gorgeous modeling pic btw i was just admiring your photo on the hermes in action thread. How does it lock ? me likey !!
  13. thank you! I don't know what the official name is, so i just describe it as the wide kelly bracelet or the kelly cuff. it works just like a kelly lock, on, turn and its done! i think it and the rush are roughly the same price, maybe the kelly is a little less? i love the contrasting stitching too :tup:
  14. It is the Kelly Dog Bracelet. Comes in a loft of different colors, I think it is 445.

    Ugh, it's haunting me Doloresmia! I am so going to go and get mine tomorrow. Baaad!
  15. doloresmia thank you for posting the pic it truly is gorgeous ! i love the idea that it locks like the double tour bracelet

    rileygirl thank you for the info ... now i dont know which one i like best the kelly dog or the rush bracelet :girlsigh: