RuPaul's Drag Race....Monday's on LOGO

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  1. Anyone watching it? This show is soooo wild. Who is your favorite?

    So far I like Raven, and a few of the others. Not caring for Tyra and the attitude.
  2. Look-a-likes

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  3. i am probably watching an earlier season...but what is the name of the one with the amazing clear eyes? she's my favourite!
  4. You might be talkig about Raven, but those are contacts.
  5. I loved Season 1. I haven't started watching Season 2 yet, but I'll be back after I have. :smile:
  6. Episode one:

    These girls aren't nearly as beautiful as the girls last season. Some of the girls from last season were so stunning. i.e. Bebe, Jade, Shannel, Rebecca And then there was Ongina who had a larger than life personality. They all had great looks, style, and personality.

    This year the girls seem to fall short on both counts.

    The prettiest girls to me are Tatianna, Tyra, and possibly Raven.

    Anyway, here are my random thoughts from episode 1.

    The eyelashes flickering from the wind machine was so funny.

    I think the girl with the staff, the girl that was wearing something that looked like a swimsuit with large flowers, and the winner all made great outfits.

    The "sing for your life" part was out of control in a good way. Someone said it was like watching moral combat lol.

    I heart Santino.

    I hate it when people focus so much on their weight that they project their issues onto others. Mystique needs to give it a rest.

    Do you watch the behind the scene's after show, "untucked"? I don't know if it airs on television, since I watch the show online. The plus-sized girl and the winner almost fought.
  7. The lashes blowing in the wind was hilarious!!!!!!!
  8. All my opinions were turned upside down last week.

    I thought Mystique would shake out to be the one with the major comedy chops, and she totally crashed and burned.

    After spending the previous week snarling at Tyra's whiny ass that being a Drag Queen is about being an entertainer, Missy! - this week found me dissolving in giggles and applauding her wildly.

    And Tatiana, whom I had pegged as the most beautiful one of all came out with that big red mistake painted on where her mouth used to be!

    So I have retreated to an Xtreme Cage Match Wait-n-See position, because I've learned that anything can happen!

    For the rest of the season, I'll just sit back and enjoy the incomparable genius of Mr Charles!