Runway winner Chloe Dao gets her thrills designing

  1. Enjoying a natural high
    Runway winner Chloe Dao gets her thrills designing
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    June 30, 2006

    Chloe Dao finally got the car she's been pining for since being named the winner of Bravo's hit reality show Project Runway in March.

    The snazzy 2007 Saturn Sky roadster was unveiled in front of nearly 600 fans who attended a kickoff party Wednesday at the Art Institute of Houston for the show's third season, which starts at 9 p.m. July 12 on Bravo. The show tests fashion designers on their ability to create garments under tight deadlines and extreme conditions.

    Dao smiled as she appeared onstage, then joked with the audience about her prize. "Hello, where's my car?" she asked, scanning the audience as if she were looking for the car.

    Dao now travels constantly and helped cast Project Runway's third season. While none of the contestants are from Texas, the show will feature University of Houston graduate Laura Bennett, a New York architect and mother of five.

    Dao said she's designed a lot lately, including the "Chloe Bag" now in the hands of Kate Hudson, Heidi Klum, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Molly Sims and other celebrities.

    "I've always wanted to dress people," Dao said. "Now I get to dress more people. I get a high when someone wears something from my line. That's my drug."

    On Wednesday, Dao presented a runway show featuring designs from her Chloe Dao for Lot 8 sportswear line, her upscale Chloe Dao Couture line and Adam's Apple, a men's clothing line designed by Adam Vuong, who manages Dao's Lot 8 boutique in Rice Village.

    The show featured feminine dresses in chiffon and silk, as well as softer looks that she says express her calmer mood. It's a contrast to her stressful Project Runway experience.

    "I get a lot more sleep now," she said.
  2. I liked her designs plus she seems really cute
  3. Thanks for posting...I was wondering what happened to her!
  4. That bag is HUGE!
  5. Thanks for sharing...I like her and I am glad that she won ..
    Can't wait for another season PR
  6. I can't wait until July 12. I have it circled on my calendar. :smile:
  7. I'm so glad she won too!! She is awesome and SO talented...
    Can't wait for next season...and neither can my BF as he is in love with Heidi!!
  8. The Chloe bag is cute, but a little casual... I wonder what material it is made of?
  9. That bag is GIGANTIC compared to Chloe! I love her, she's so cute!
  10. I've been meaning to stop by Lot 8 her store but haven't found time to!
    Wonder how much more her clothes cost now that she's won Proj Runway.
  11. i still think daniel shoulda won...

    but i'm glad to see she's doing something :amuse:
    i like the bag! :yes:
  12. She seems like a nice person who's down to earth. I'm happy for her.
  13. I guess I'm the only Santino fan here! :lol: I was a little disappointed with her procrastination on designing her runway collection - I mean, she definitely did sketches throughout the competition, and she's gonna tell Tim Gunn "I don't do sketches." when asked to present them? Please... busted on national tv. In Tim Gunn's blog, he mentions that he had to pull Chloe's sister aside and ask her to stay on top of her, just so that she would have a full collection. Her only motivation? She wasn't doing it for the love/passion of design: it was all for that damn car!
  14. agreed! hahaha. she was my #3. danny v, santino, chloe. i was shocked.
  15. hm... glad to finally hear about her again. i was wondering what she was up to these days. well, best of luck to her. i have to say, i was rooting for her even though i like daniel better, only because she's a fellow asian sista... haha.