Runway pieces

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  1. My SA told me the Speedy Amazon was a runway piece however there is nothing inside the bag that indicates it is. I thought runway suppose say "printemps" something on a tag inside the bag?
  2. Was it fearured in the fashion show? Only the bags that actually walked the runway have the special tag. I suggest you watch the show on to check.

    It's only been about 8 years that Louis Vuitton includes these tags. Before that, they were just the normal tags.
  3. I have a runway piece from 2008 and it says automne hiver but I am not sure if its marked that way because it was on the runway or just because it came out in fall.
  4. When I purchased my Speedy Amazon I was told by 4 SA's that it is a runway piece. It came with the booklet SS2016 Runway. I don't think they are special stamping them inside this year anyway.
  5. Oh no! That would be sad if they stopped the special stamp! It was a great touch on our runway bags!

  6. Leo thanks for the reply. I don't believe I got a booklet. Do you have a picture of the booklet?
  7. It is not the best picture since I am at work but I do have a YouTube video up of my unboxing. It is a longer booklet than all the other ones that I have.

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