runway pics fall 07, bags, shoes & accessories :)

  1. hi! i compiled these from the runway pics fall 2007, thought u girls might be interested :yes:



  2. Thank you, seahorseinstripes! :yes: :heart:
  3. WOW, thanks seahorseinstripes!!! You are a technological guru/wizard/genius!! :yahoo:
  4. Very kind of you!
  5. u're welcome girls :shame:
    i studied graphic design in college and it's so easy and fast at photoshop to make this :p
  6. Very nice, thanks!
  7. Wow thanks!

    Those black buckle boots are TDF. I am totally gettin those.
  8. Thanks! So easy to see the way you laid it out :smile:
  9. thank you for posting.
  10. i always wonder,
    what's the "crack" bag???

    i love tho boots though:p
  11. Love the blue bag and the white one looks interesting. Wonder what the material of the blue bag is.

    So much plaid -- reminds me of my high school uniform. Thank heavens they're not paired with saddle shoes or I'd have to start repenting :smile:
  12. thank you so much for thoughtful of you
    and thank goodness there is nothing I adore................and boots-wise, it never gets chilly enough here to justify spending more than a small amount (which would be much less than the tax on a pair of Chanels!)for a pair of boots unless you have a second home in North Carolina or the northeast :smile:
  13. Great photos! Thanks!
  14. Thanks for posting seahorseinstripes!:flowers:
  15. Yeah, I am in FL too so no boots for me either lol!:p