Runway Items

  1. Does anyone know what Hermes does with the runway items? My SA said that not all items that showed on the runway are for sale. He said that some of the bags (i.e. scarf print Birkin, suede JPG Birkins, furry JPG Birkin) are probably not for sale. So what does Hermes do with them?
  2. Keep them for their museum/archives or sell/give them to friends/family like the other fashion houses.
  3. Yeah, I'm born into the wrong family ...:Push:
  4. If the models don't manage to get them, I suspect they are reserved for their best clients esp. those who buy the RTW items. Some clients buy the entire line and want these special items to go with the clothes. When you are willing to spend that amount of $$$ you want to look different from the posters on the Purse Blog:graucho: