Runway Birkin?

  1. Has anyone seen this bag in person? I've been dying to have it ever since I saw pics from the fashion shows....but $15,000? It IS cashmere, I guess, right?
  2. I tried this on last week in Paris (where it only cost around 4900 euros), and the SAs said the fabric was wool ("de la laine"), but it might have been cashmere.

    It's a great bag. A bit too serious for me personally, but it looks fab on, especially paired with the matching suit from the RTW collection. On the other hand, I think the fabric over time would be quite difficult to care for and wouldn't wear as well as toile, so $15,000 is probably a ridiculous price for this bag.
  3. one tpf members purchased one Chicago if my memory serves me right.

  4. I saw it in Chicago too. It was just under 9000.00 if I remember correctly
  5. there was one in the Surfers Paradise store in Australia at Christmas time. Personally I would find it hard to wear, unless I lived in a cold location.
  6. I think what I like about it is that it's soooo distinctive...and it is quite traditional-looking in a preppy sort of a way...but I don't actually own very many brown items in my wardrobe. Tan, yes, but not brown...on the other hand, I have WAY too many gold handbags! a chamonix kelly, barenia and toile birkin, gold birkin...and I love them all equally. My babies! So I need another earth tone bag like a hole in the head.
  7. It won't be distictive for too much longer - they're bringing out different colour combinations in this plaid wool.
  8. Do you know if they'll make it in pink? I'm not kidding, I really do want to know :yes:
  9. God help us all. Didn't they learn with the vibrato? Thank you Grands Fonds - I've lost all desire to own it now. You've saved me $15,000. I need a new car anyway, now I'll have a deposit! ha ha ha. thanks!
  10. LOL!

    I think they're doing it in orange...well that's what I was told (secretly) in any case!

    $15,000.......hey, how about an exotic?
  11. I really like vibrato!! I wish they would bring back the pink vibrato from 5 years ago. Seriously, I think getting a pink vibrato bag is harder than getting a porosus croc ...
  12. Orange? I really wish I can pull off orange but my stupid skin tone doesn't work with orange :cries:

    What size exotic can $15000 get over in Australia?
  13. I've already got a black croc kelly...if you see a black ostrich birkin, please flag me down. I'd love to have one in 35cm for black 40 cm birkin is tooooo heavy, even though I love being able to put so much stuff in it.
  14. I saw this exact bag in our local store in SCP last December. Stop by the store on a late Monday evening when they were open an hour later due to holiday shopping.