Runway Bags?

  1. Sorry if this sound naive... I'm learning.:P But the bags I seem to particulary gravitate towards are those just made for runway. I posted earlier a bag Erin O'Connor was modeling, and I am obsessed with the JPG Kelly. Is there any way to actually obtain these bags? Or should I just give up?
  2. Hello, fire......I do not know the answer to your question......but wanted to ask you.....are not some of the styles in the stores today originally runway pieces? Like the shoulder Birkin....I think it was originally runway and at the time, there was so much demand ( funny, as I've heard that when actually produced, they didn't sell so many??)....of course the JPG clutches were runway......and the Mini Kelly 20.....

    Do you know of any others?
  3. When I mentioned the Birkin I meant the ones that are only on the runway b'c for instance it is a certain cloth design with the leather. I think the the JPG Birkin there was such demand after it was seen on the runway that they decided to make more, though I believe it is now discontinued. I'm not really sure.