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Sep 6, 2017
Here’s my reveal of men’s F/W runway Patchwork eclipse Keepall B50
:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

So, after an anxious wait for 2 full weeks with many shipping delays, my preorder luggage finally arrived. Our store didn’t have any pieces to look at before I prepaid, so imagine how amazing it felt to unveil it as a complete surprise and to see its beautiful design for the first time... Lol my first thought: :coolio: Dang - this khaki/plum/eclipse combo is sooo sexy! I love it! This bag has all the bells and whistles. Its intricate details of colour blocking, design and stunning craftsmanship are phenomenal IMO - quality that’s beyond anything I’ve ordered so far from LV. I’m so impressed by how perfectly constructed this Keepall is! Totally in LVoe with the cute pocket on the side too - they should have this feature on all soft luggage :heart:

Reveal is pic heavy, starting with the biggest box ever! B43D24FF-5B89-45D6-9D61-8F3E1C41F315.jpeg B2AA242B-E938-4C01-8B28-990AAF16661D.jpeg 25323C02-610B-4075-B1E1-4B1D0DFD195D.jpeg 1683BC08-A280-461C-9A4A-C6BBFC87079B.jpeg 5A92DF36-C994-4951-8D70-7A5DECAE78AA.jpeg 673BD9DB-6BC3-4A7A-BA2A-5F325910E3BE.jpeg 344C3387-8EF7-4ACB-8B2C-F4DCC3AF026D.jpeg 8321EAA2-D6E0-4903-B889-0AD006D46AF0.jpeg 9038A0AB-4E49-4ED6-BDA9-66C5A27152D5.jpeg 1E21E722-807E-4D46-8BE8-601EBD587C70.jpeg E94239B0-E4BF-4507-9A2B-0DF292CB98D5.jpeg

Hardware differences: The Keepall details are all in polished gunmetal while the pouch key charm is in silver. So many gorgeous elements to admire ❤ B8AC6ACC-29C3-4AFF-B2FB-BFFF7E6E7734.jpeg


May 18, 2014
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Double Dang :lol: — that is one heck of a big box and this print/color combo is indeed so sexy and special :smile:. I am really loving how good all the different colors/elements look together. The pouch and charm are great standalone pieces that you can use separately IMO. Congrats on this new piece — a wonderful addition to your stylish luggage collection :smile:.


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Sep 25, 2006
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Such a fabulous Keepall !!! I keep thinking of how perfect it would be to travel with this and my Messenger Multi-Pocket :P !!! LVoe all the tags and the pouch !! Isn't it nice to get these extras accessory pieces along with this rare beauty ??!!!!!
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Jan 3, 2014
Wowser something from LV that's actually made my pulse beat faster. . Haven't had that feeling from LV from their latest offerings of lately. So this a pleasant surprise. Its got that LV pizzazz of quality, well made attention to detail. Looks very robust.. why can't LV do more of this.
Congratulations on getting this piece looks awesome