Run's House

  1. Does Anyone Watch It?
    I Love Both Seasons! Especially This Season.....Season Finale Is Thursday!
  2. of all the reality shows, I think their family is the cutest. I just love how mellow his wife is.
  3. ^I Love His Wife ~ Justine! :smile: Bagnshoo Did You See Her Rap?!!! She's Good!

    I Like Their Family, Too! My Son (He's 3!) Thinks It's The Funniest! :smile:
  4. i have only watched one season, i like how the family does spend time together like playing basketball, having meals together.
  5. No I think I only watched 2 episodes, one where he was taking over household chores for her and one where his daughter wanted a big party thrown for her. Oh yeah and the one when they are in Vegas and he "married" her again.
  6. I watch it sometimes. . . it's a little monotone for me, but I think their family is as normal as a rich and famous family could be. Maybe even more normal than some 'normal' families!LOL!
    He's SO involved!
  7. I love that show! I didn't realize till this season that the 3 oldest are from his first marriage.
  8. I just started watching the show four or five episodes ago. I think it's so sweet. They seem like such a fun, normal family. I love the wife. The episode where she would get mad at Run for being so "loud" and talking about their business in public was hillarious. Don't forget the season finale is this week!
  9. I Can't Wait For The Season Finale!!!! :smile: ......Do You Think They Are Going To Tell The Sex Of The Baby? It's Excting!!!!!! :smile:
  10. I love, love Run's House. Just a typical family with a whole lotta money.
  11. I love Justine and the kids. I love seeing Russell and Run together...TOO funny!:lol: Russell does all of that stuff for the mind, body and spirit, yet he is still so stressed.:rolleyes: :roflmfao:
  12. Buttery ~ I Love Seeing Russell & Run, Together......It's Absolutely Hysterical! :smile:
  13. It Was Soooooo Cute Tonight!!! :smile:
  14. I love this show!

    I love how he treats his children to things, but they have to earn them. They're down to earth kids and not the typical "My Super Sweet 16" brats. It's not "The kids have money" it's "Reverend Run has money and the kids can have some if they earn it."

    I love Justine!

    Season 03 starts in April and it deals with the premature death of their baby girl. At the time of her death. Reverend Run said:

    "On September 26, 2006, Victoria Anne Simmons for some unknown reason chose to come early and unfortunately did not survive. We must accept whatever is there and once you accept unconditionally, then everything is beautiful. Every pain has a purifying effect."

    I loved the Zen attitude he had about it. Yes, her death was a horrible thing, and he's not denying that. He's basically saying that they're not going to dwell on it and that God had a reason for taking Victoria.
  15. I saw repeats of this show this weekend on BET. I'm happy it's coming back next month! Great family!