Run's House Season3 ~ Begins Tonight....

  1. @ 10pm On MTV
  2. I like the Run family, especially Justine (the mom). They seem so much more normal than other showbiz families on reality shows. I'm sure the episodes about the baby's death will be heartbreaking. :sad:
  3. I really like this some for some odd reasons.
  4. I hope they don't get the "reality tv couple's curse" and end up getting divorced.
  5. Thank you for the head's up! I Love this show. I've become such a fan of Justine!
  6. I really like her too. That's was sooo sad that their baby died. I bet they won't put it on the show.
  7. ^^Actually, I think they do show it somewhat. I saw a preview where the parents are breaking the news to the rest of the family there in her hospital room. The kids started was so sad!
  8. OHHH that will be sad!!
  9. Just make sure you have your kleenex because the show's only 12 minutes in and I'm bawling my eyes out. :sad:
  10. Last night show was sad but one of the best reality episodes I ever saw ..I love this show ..
  11. i cried
  12. How sweet was Run last night!?
    VERY sensitive and loving and supportive.
    They may adopt!

    Very sweet family. Usually!
  13. I cried like a baby. I Love how Run prepared the kids for people wishing their condolences, telling them to keep living their daily lives and how the situation has made him appreciate them more. Great family. Great show.
  14. love this show, watched since the first season. I hope they adopt a baby girl.
  15. I was bawling during the show. They replayed it at 11 and I couldn't put myself through watching it again.